Meeting #7 Sunday 26 May 2019 9am

Minutes by Annabelle

Attending Taylor (had to leave early)Adela (Joy) Schiman FloSvetlanaAnnabelleJonas ColeCassidy Coulson with daughter Wila

VisualisationsFlo – how to give up being cranky with ex-partner and neighboursAnnabelle – No need to visualise a grand Utopia with the person. Just focus on the intention that the next conversation will be gentle, considerate, maybe a few laughs, mutual benefits in swapping ideas.Svetlana – let them go and feel gratitude for their contribution. This is a lesson for the soul. Everything that happens is up to us. Any conflict inside is reflected in the people around us.Joy – connect to compassion. The only reason we hurt each other is because we are not full of love. This man might hurt his ex-partner because he is suffering.Annabelle – Described a process of forgiving two friends who made trouble over multiple lifetimes. Acknowledge that “tit for tat” is just a game (albeit a dangerous one sometimes) and that you are now no longer interested in playing that game. You want to make peace from now on. Process can be done alone or with them . Only need to do it once in your head. If you do it multiple times you are confirming it doesn’t work.Svetlana – Mind can be loud. Tune into the heart to find how you really feel.
Annabelle adding after the meeting – The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono process is another powerful way to improve seemingly impossible relationships. Excuse all the ads in this article. The steps are there between the ads.

Voting for council and government in AustraliaVoting in pencil can be so easily manipulated.Cassidy – if you donkey your vote (deliberately mess it up) the previous party in power may get your vote by default.Svetlana – talking about voting verses not voting. Also showing up but adding no vote. We felt leaving a blank form left it open for someone else to add a vote on your behalf. Discussed Spy networks – Australia is part of the Five eyes (USA, UK, Aus, NZ and Canada) so very much in the thick of what is exposed and what is hidden. Media manipulating what people hear so public don’t see ideas from other countries which benefit the majority. We are reliant on social media but the platforms are censoring information now including anti-vax information. This may be temporary as they are going against the constitution about Freedom of Speech. USA govmt recently (last week?) set up website for platform users to report censorship.Cassidy – Small countries Iceland and Finland can trial great ideas which can spread to neighbouring countries. (Iceland, Finland, Sweden – jailing their bankers, new education system, shorter working week to reduce stress and increase family time at the end of the day.)  We are isolated so can’t pop over to the next country to see what they’re doing so, removing the censorship on social media will help all of us.

Collecting water on the landSvetlana – uses sails to capture water. Winter means massage season is slower so she has more time to put into homestead. Uses permaculture to create micro climate and capture water.Annabelle (added after meeting) – North American Indians grow beans, corn and pumpkin together. Corn provides structure for beans to grow. Pumpkin reduces weeds on the ground.Cassidy – making swale terraces on their property.  Use the underbrush to put a mound on a slope to water capture. Neighbours with flat land lose the water. They were able to capture a large amount of water to store after the last rains.Jonas – Quick composting technique – (He will share method on the Facebook group). Needs minimum 1m cube of volume to build enough heat in the centre.  Add 3 parts brown material (leaves, wood chips, paper) 2 parts green (grass clippings, food waste) 1 part nitrogen (chicken/cow manure). Mix/turn every 2-3 days plus have the right moisture content and it can be ready (summer) within 2 weeks. Spread it around the property to distribute microbes.Cassidy – diversity is the key to finding the solutions. Sharing information rather than being isolated helps. Korean natural farming is another interesting one (Cassidy to share link)
Svetlana showed us part of her garden. Talked about permaculture garden to capture water, also pond and swimming pool joined together with plants and fish. She put wood in the water so plants can grow. Little fountain on low power wattage which bubbles to aireate the water for the fish. Fish get fed bread sometimes but no other food. No maintenance. 
“Turn pool into a pond”Youtube video From Kuring gai Council From Permaculture News

IncomeJonas – still building veggie stores for family so nothing available to sell to others presently. What other ways to build income?Svetlana – mushrooms, garlic, tumeric, ginger = high kg price. Organic cert is expensive but you can promote as “pesticide free”. Annabelle – William Reich and orgone energy to cleanse the air, soil and for health benefits.  Orgonite should be relatively inexpensive to make with resin and alternating organic/inorganic material but, if you make them pretty, can sell for a good price. eg – Svetlana – honeyOnce the community grows we will need mills for the wheat, rye, barley, speltBread could be soldOlives and olive oilHemp in the states where it is currently legal to grow.

Counteract radiation from Wifi and mobile phonesAnnabelle – orgonite as aboveFlo – tesla blue shield.  (is this what you mean Flo?) Svetlana – Shungite magnetic rocks for radiation and to purify water. (to share link).   Also uses magnets for the washing, no powder. 

Visions for the month1 – Connecting deeply with the Universe we can draw all the wisdom we need.2 – We feel the whole connectedness with nature3 – Each homestead requiring income finds their own means.4 – We are honest in our communication which brings ha rmony to the community.

Actions – 

  1. Look over the Party Policy and add feedback with your name at the end of the document – we will finalise next month. 
  2. Find some ideas you’d like to discuss from the books at the next meeting. Write them under the same post so they are all in one place on the facebook page. Please add what section of the book series the idea is described.

Next meeting Sunday 30 June 2019 9am EST

Hi all, that was the correct link for the blueshield technology to counterect emf. A little correction for the record – I was not having issues with crankiness to my neighbours, rather I was wanting to connect more. Thanks, Flo