New website address

Ringing Cedars Australia has a new website address. → This is due to auDA enforcing rules that is restricted to registered organisations. While it was our intention to register the Ringing Cedars group as an organisation, this became non-viable due to the unavailability of an accurate paper translation of the Ringing Cedars books. With no readership, there appears to be no chance of organising the movement broadly. We are happy to continue to provide information and a point of contact for readers and other people interested in the Ringing Cedars books by Vladimir Megre, and the family […]

What are the Ringing Cedars books about?

The Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre is a collection of books that explores the concept of family homesteads, and the potential for these homesteads to serve as the foundation for a more sustainable, harmonious way of life. The series is based on the experiences of the main character, Anastasia, who lives in the Siberian wilderness. Anastasia is a deeply spiritual and wise woman, who has a profound understanding of the natural world and the human experience. Through her interactions with the other characters, Anastasia teaches the importance of living in harmony with nature, and the power of […]

Family homestead villages

The creation of family homestead villages, as outlined in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books by Vladimir Megre, offers a potential solution to many of the problems facing modern society. These villages, which are based on the principles of sustainable, self-sufficient living, can provide a viable alternative to the destructive, exploitative practices of industrial society. A family homestead is a minimum of one hectare of land on which a family creates its own ancestral space of love. This space is defined by a hedge boundary, which serves to protect and enclose the homestead, while also providing a natural and aesthetically […]

Radosvet Union of Family Homesteads, Krasnodar, Russia | 30 Jan 2022 Dear friends, I greet you. Let’s get acquainted. My name is Chernyshev Stanislav. I am a co-founder of the union of family homesteads “Radosvet”. My goal today is to introduce you to a worthy alternative to urban life, to tell you about the idea of family homesteads, about how, by implementing this idea in life, we can all together create a worthy, comfortable, happy future for our children and grandchildren. Friends, for starters, we all need to think very carefully about how we live. Today humanity is in a global systemic crisis. Why global, why […]

Practice of Family Homesteads (2018)

I analysed 71 academic articles about family homesteads written between 2003 and 2018. Many articles drew parallels with the Western concept of “eco-village”, and emphasised the residents’ desire for self-improvement, social harmony and an environmentally-friendly way of life (Petrov 2008, Kulyasov 2009, Savitsky et al. 2011, Pavlov 2013, Arkhinova 2015, Mukhlykin 2015, Hall 2015, Nesterova 2016, Pozenenko 2016, Walker & Plotnikova 2018). Others maintained that the Russian movement is distinct phenomenon compared to existing movements in the West (Khomyakova 2013, Zadorin et al. 2014, Gornaev 2016). In general, articles were positive, though tentative and sometimes dubious whether many would support […]

Soul Mates [mp3 download]

Great [C] battles did we overcome ‘tween [Am] forces light and dark,And [F] on our earthly bodies made brave [C] victory its mark,Lo all hell and evil’s ills yay made it still we through,Remembering for evermore all that is good and true.One [F] maiden’s brightest courage lit a [C] star for me to find,[Am] Cleanly wiped my grimy past in [G] body, soul and mind,Those images of wicked men near killed us both but weUnited and despite it cancelled that catastrophe CHORUS[C] Love shining like the [Am] sunDown on every [G] oneAll around the [F] worldWater floating in the cloudsCome […]