What are the Ringing Cedars books about?

The Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre is a collection of books that explores the concept of family homesteads, and the potential for these homesteads to serve as the foundation for a more sustainable, harmonious way of life. The series is based on the experiences of the main character, Anastasia, who lives in the Siberian wilderness. Anastasia is a deeply spiritual and wise woman, who has a profound understanding of the natural world and the human experience. Through her interactions with the other characters, Anastasia teaches the importance of living in harmony with nature, and the power of […]

Anastasia’s predictions

Vladimir Megre: I spent three days in the taiga, as a result I wrote nine books. The release of the books themselves, people’s reaction to them, and changes to the world situation, she … predicted with absolute precision, right up to the presidential decrees. Until now, scientists have been arguing about who Anastasia is, putting forward all sorts of versions. Many scientists believe that she has made the most important discovery of all — more significant than the creation of the atomic bomb, construction of spacecraft, or huge particle colliders. This greatest discovery, which affects society, is precisely that which […]

Vladimir Megre readers conference in Prague

Event Details Date: 16 September 2017 Start time: 11:00 End time: 17:00 Venue: Aquapalace hotel Prague, Pražská 137, Praha-Čestlice Coordinates: 50.0075667, 14.570335 Directions: Location of the hotel: Aquapalace Hotel Prague is conveniently located by the D1 motorway, in the Průhonice-Čestlice shopping and commercial zone, near the Kika furniture shop. For visitors travelling in their own car, there are plenty of parking spaces in the hotel’s underground garages. Fee for parking in the hotel garage: EUR 10/day. More: http://www.aquapalacehotel.cz/en/contact-details#poloha-hotel Phone: +420 607 865 546 Email: konference@zvonicicedry.cz Tickets: https://zvonicicedry.cz/shop/ticket-to-readers-conference-with-vladimir-megre-new-civilization/?lang=en