Ringing Cedars in Japan!

Well-known opinion leaders in Japan are inspired by the books and are talking about the Ringing Cedars of Russia in their lecture presentations and workshops! Based on their own culture, some head-starter Japanese readers have created their Japanese homesteads and dachas.

Our thoughts create the future

Not long into the third millennium, the people of Australia experienced a great awakening, recognizing the futility of the technocratic path of development. A law was passed in Australia, coming from the Prime Minister himself, to allocate one hectare of land to any citizen who wanted to create their own family homestead. Politicians correctly believed that such a law would solve the refugee crisis and provide a stable source of domestic agricultural produce in the face of fast-declining soil, water scarcity, and global shortages of artificial fertilizers. A new generation of Australians dedicated themselves with joy to the task of […]

Dobrolyubovka settlement of family homesteads

Good neighbors are welcome, readers of VN. Megre! The settlement currently comprises 21 ha, but the total size can be expanded without limit. The old local resident agrees to the creation of a new settlement of family homesteads here!

There are a huge number of berries and mushrooms. There are many springs on the land, with the purest water. Water lies at a depth of 2 – 2.5 meters. This is convenient for wells that do not require large amounts of money to build. Additional filters to purify the water are not needed.

Happy Whole Earth Day!

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Presentation of Family Party, Saratov, Russia

This project would to help every Russian family have one hectare of land for free and for perpetuity. Family Homesteads are created in settlements of 10 – 200 families, with all the necessary infrastructure. All products created in Family Homesteads are without taxes.

Ringing Cedars readers meeting

Eighteen readers were in attendance, mostly from Australia. Our like-minded company enjoyed getting to know one another, sharing our experience of reading the books of Vladimir Megre, and discussing our future plans — most importantly, the creation of our own Family Homesteads here in Australia.

Creating Family Homesteads

Why make so much hot air discussing the theoretical solutions to underemployment, climate change and the housing crisis when a possible solution is right here in front of us?

Let the land employ our people! Put carbon back into the soil! Grow plants to support ourselves, and sell their fruits to fund future development.