Radosvet Union of Family Homesteads, Krasnodar, Russia

radosvet23.ru | 30 Jan 2022

Dear friends, I greet you. Let’s get acquainted. My name is Chernyshev Stanislav. I am a co-founder of the union of family homesteads “Radosvet”. My goal today is to introduce you to a worthy alternative to urban life, to tell you about the idea of family homesteads, about how, by implementing this idea in life, we can all together create a worthy, comfortable, happy future for our children and grandchildren. Friends, for starters, we all need to think very carefully about how we live.

Today humanity is in a global systemic crisis. Why global, why systemic? Because the crisis covers the whole world in a range of areas: social, environmental, economic, biospheric, and so on. In reality, we are destroying nature. This is a fact. It turns out that humanity today is like a cancerous tumor. Our planet is alive, it feels everything and rejects all our unconscious actions, in the form of tsunamis, viruses, cataclysms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and so on.

Sadly, humanity today consumes in only half a year, the resources nature restores in a full year. You understand that if this continues further, it leads to the collapse of civilization. We, as humanity, as civilization, would reset to zero, and there would be a new stage, a new weave. Here we need to make a choice: continue to fall into this hole, or tell ourselves “stop”, find the mistake, begin to correct it, and evolve for real.

To do this, we need to understand the reason. The reason is that today’s way of life destroys the biosphere, and this cannot continue. We are told that living in the city is great. What about cities? The city itself hinders our consciousness, as well as the development of our genetically determined potential. Thus, we find ourselves in a situation where we are locked into certain paradigms, patterns, programs that are very difficult for us to leave, which are very difficult for us to give up.

City life does not lead to natural evolution or synergy. It leads to destruction, continuing the race to consume. This consumption leads to the destruction of the biosphere. We as a human species are in great danger. All processes are managed. Nothing is random, everything has order. In not only cities and not only today, these cataclysms, viruses, social unrest… I repeat once again that we, humanity, today consume in half a year the amount of resources that nature restores in a year.

Global forces understand this, and therefore the population will now be actively reduced. It will all start with cities, being simpler, more effective, and people are already more accommodating. Many have come to terms with the current way of life. Through consciousness and media, it imposes a picture of the world which, if you don’t resist and pull yourself out of it all on your own, using your willpower, then most likely people will accept it, and most will die. This, of course, is very sad.

We are moving more and more into the technocratic path, which gives comfort but reduces freedom. Everyone needs to make a choice, what is valuable for them. Comfort? Comfort is mostly illusory because we don’t understand the essence, we don’t understand the depth. We cling to some familiar values, such as an apartment, a job nearby, a car, sidewalks, allegedly clean streets and that’s it. This is our usual comfort level.

But we forget about the main thing, that we have less and less creative realisation, it becomes more and more difficult for us to express ourselves, there are less and less real, simple worldly joys, live communication with each other. More and more communication is being replaced by computer technology. Now let’s talk about what to do in this situation. I think the first thing to start with is to change our worldview.

We need to review our habits, values, thoughts, and aspirations. Today’s thinking leads to the consequences we described before. If you resonate, you probably understand that everything begins primarily with thinking. If everyone thinks at least a little, at least some will change their habits to be more correct, more environmentally friendly. Then it will be easier for us as a species, modern humans, to survive.

The second thing everyone must do is to create a powerful foundation and springboard for our children and grandchildren. Create food security for them so that they have quality food, quality water, and clean air. This will not be possible in the city, so we need to consider moving to the land. Only on Mother Earth will we be able to create a space in which our children and grandchildren will feel comfortable, and this space itself will help them, speed up their thinking, change their thinking and make life around more harmonious.

We have finally come to the idea of ​​creating a family homestead (rodovoe pomestye) to be the most important and strongest idea, thanks to which we are able to transition from today’s deplorable situation to our evolution. What is a family homestead? This is a space of living earth, created, ennobled, equipped with love by parents for their children.

With the right approach, the creation of a family homestead, designed correctly and harmoniously, creates an ecosystem, a diversity of plants that fully provides a person with everything needed, without having to fight pests or diseases, like on intensive farms. Usually, at least one hectare of land should be taken for a family homestead, because on a plot of less than one hectare you cannot create a closed ecosystem that provides for itself.

There’s no need to plant monocultures. The food security of the family will be sorted, because this variety that you grow will be fully enough to live in plenty, and one might even say abundance. In an era of instability, as we have now on all fronts, the family homestead can become a kind of insurance policy that will provide the family with reliability. It’s like a logistics hub, a kind of base that simply won’t let you die of hunger.

In addition, the family homestead can also become a fairly profitable workplace, if you approach it correctly. You can grow a huge range of products, and fruit trees will bear fruit, you can make nut pastes and fruit leathers, collect medicinal herbs, and do honey. There’s a very wide range and with no limits to creativity.

By creating a family homestead, you acquire family capital which will be inherited by your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Imagine, with each generation this kind of capital in a good sense will grow and improve. This will be good for you, Mother Earth, and your descendants. A synergy occurs, a symbiosis, in which everyone is well.

We must not forget that interaction with nature increases children’s speed of thought. Today’s city education system, no matter how expensive, fashionable and innovative it may be, has a different methodology, focusing on something else. There is very little properly advising that the first thing to do is increase one’s speed of thought. When a person has a sufficiently high speed of thought, they find solutions quickly, quickly orient themselves in situations, feel better, feel their intuition better.

With a high speed of thought, a person always becomes a creator, and they are always under the Creator’s protection, always happy, harmonious, always benefiting both themselves and the world around them. Children like this will be able to get themselves out of the current situation of systemic crisis. If we do not stuff them with our conclusions, dogmas, scientific treatises, they will come up with everything themselves, find the mistake themselves, and correct it themselves.

Our task is not to soil the blank slate that is being born, not to put any stamps on the subconscious of the child with our technocratic, “highly spiritual”, “highly educated” conclusions. Our task is to create conditions for the child under which they will be able to think quickly and qualitatively, receive knowledge from a correct and reliable source: directly from consciousness and the environment. Rather than reducing it, systematising it, passing it on to the child in parts, giving everyone has kaleidoscopic cretinism. We know a bunch of facts but not how to put them together to actually create something. The genetically determined development potential of a child is always higher in the natural environment. Therefore, it is so important to create a springboard for children, a foundation on the ground, in the family homestead.

This is truly a way out for all of us. We will have to do this with you, with our hands, because if we do not do it, no one will do it for us. We need to seriously think about it and start acting. You and I have smoothly approached the Radosvet project, the Radosvet union of family homesteads. The most important thing in Radosvet is the people, the community. We are very sensitive to the search for future neighbors.

We understand that together we are strong. When people with similar values, similar aspirations, similar views meet and unite, this is a huge force that can truly move in the direction of creation on a large scale. There are already more than 100 families in Radosvet. We build cooperation, that is, we support symbiotic thinking, when we exchange ideas, resources and carry out our plans together.

It’s a lot of fun and great when we cover most of the needs of our area on our own, so we try to solve all our issues together. We have personnel within the community for almost every position. Another example: in our team of organizers of the union of family homesteads “Radosvet” 20 families from the community are involved. Someone takes photos, someone shoots video, someone helps in sales, marketing, plantings, equipment, websites, and so on.

We try to always find people within the community. Only in those positions where we do not have enough professionals, then we hire people from outside. The area of our territory is 600 hectares. We are located in Krasnodar Territory, 35 kilometers from the city of Anapa. We have a very favorable southern climate here, 280 sunny days a year. The weather is gorgeous, very mild, the plants feel quite comfortable. You can even harvest three crops a year if you plant everything correctly, if you create the right ecosystem.

As for the infrastructure of Radosvet, we are actively developing it. We have already filled in the roads, built a high-voltage power line, made playgrounds, sports grounds, a guest house, baths. We are moving very actively. All this is on the website www.radosvet23.ru, you can go and read more about the infrastructure, everything is described in detail there, what we have and what is planned.

Our main task is to create an economically sustainable space in Radosvet, where residents can unite, live with dignity and earn money. Therefore, we envisage the creation of a production base for primary processing, packaging, and the sale of agricultural products. Those surpluses that people will have in family homesteads, we want to centrally buy up, package and sell under a single brand. We created the brand “Native Homesteads” (Родные Поместья).

This brand will unite and cooperate all homesteads that want to be agricultural producers. These family homestead products will be sold through our network of stores and thereby popularise the very idea of life on earth, life in a family homestead, and feed the city, and here’s even more: Radosvet has formed a team that helps people at every stage.

We help with planting your hedge, with the garden and orchard, a berry patch, with tools, with everything, so everyday difficulties don’t become a limitation. With the right help, your move will always be more harmonious.

After five years of active work at Radosvet, we have developed rules. All information about our way of life is on the website www.radosvet23.ru. You can read everything, familiarise yourself, find out and understand how our way of life is suitable and acceptable for you.

I will tell you the stages if you wish to join our community. The very first stage is a survey. The site www.radosvet23.ru offers a small questionnaire, filling which you tell about yourself, your family, your intentions, your projects that you intend to implement in this territory. Further, we consider this questionnaire, and if your candidacy is suitable, if your projects, your way of life, your values ​​do not contradict ours, then we invite you here for a live tour, to inspect the sites.

You come, look, get to know us, feel the land, the team, the community. Further, if you really burn with desire, want to join us, then we will conduct an in-person interview with you, we will talk. This is the third stage. At this interview, we tell you all the inevitable difficulties that you will face in Radosvet, all the pitfalls.

Our task at this stage is to take off your rose-colored glasses so that you part with your illusions that all people have at the entry stage. It is very important that these illusions do not harm you in any way, do not prevent you from fulfilling your dream. After the interview, if everyone is happy with everything, then stage number four is the opening of a peasant farm.

Peasant farming today is the only legal form within which it is possible to realize the idea of ​​creating a family homestead. Today, there is no law regulating the activities of family homesteads. The law on peasant farms is fully enough. This law fully regulates all relationships and interaction with authorities.

The opening of a peasant farm is an expedient action that must be taken in order to be completely, 100% within the law. Further, after you have opened a peasant farm, you pay an entrance fee. The information that is included in the entry fee is also on our website, read it carefully, everything is spelled out in detail there. After paying the entrance fee, you join the Radosvet union and become a full member of our community.

The idea of ​​creating family homesteads is becoming more and more attractive every year. Families come to us from all over the world: there are families from the United States of America, from Europe, from Ukraine, from Belarus. People are attracted by the common values, the microclimate that we create here. People care about the future of their children, they really want their children to grow up, be brought up surrounded by people with similar views. Therefore, we do not have any geographical boundaries here. We are looking for like-minded people with a similar worldview all over the world, so we are glad to see people from all over the world.

Of course, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. We have prepared for you a short video clip, after watching which you will become a little closer to the Radosvet project.

Friends, now let’s summarise. First of all, it must be said that our civilisation, in its current societal conception, has reached a dead end. We need to change this concept and start by changing our own worldview. Our children can correct the current situation, but we need to create a space for them in which they feel harmonious, in which strong thoughts will come to them. This is the source of a new civilisation that will be harmonious in relation to itself, and to the whole world.

The Earth is true wealth, it is the resource that is not reproduced, it is living matter, it is our Mother, this is our Homeland, this is the Earth! We need to protect her. If we love the Earth, the Earth will always reciprocate. Take care of the Earth.

The family homestead is the best investment in your life. These are investments that will always pay off, which are not subject to any inflation. These are the investments that will ensure a comfortable, dignified, happy future for you and your children.

The time has come to move away from the concept of “divide and conquer”, we need to move on to the concept of “unite and greet”. Community is the most important element of the harmonious life for people. By creating a community, we are moving towards a symbiotic mindset that will make our lives an order of magnitude happier and better.

Our future, friends, is in our hands. The salvation of drowning people, as you know, is the work of the drowning people themselves. Nobody, if not ourselves. We bear full, 100% responsibility for our life today and for the future of our children. We must start and act.

Now you can make a truly powerful decision that will ensure a happy, prosperous future for your children and grandchildren. There are less than 100 places left in Radosvet. If you feel the strength, desire and intention to join us, everything is in your hands. Fill out the form on the website http://www.radosvet23.ru, we will review the form and contact you. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel, to my personal page on Instagram, there you will find a lot of interesting and useful information.

Friends, it’s time to make our lives better, make the lives of our children better, take care of Mother Earth together. I’m sure I inspired you. Get started, take action. See you soon.