Family homesteads – the good news that satisfies

The Family Homestead idea introduced by Anastasia in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books is perhaps the best news story of our time. The plan offers a comprehensive response to our planetary predicament far beyond the abilities of current “good news stories”. Anastasia recognises that humans’ artificial support structures are flimsy and detrimental to the point of global cataclysm. Yet, defying catastrophe, she declares, “I have cancelled the predicted hell on Earth”. She encourages us to do the same. Then, over the course of several books, she and Vladimir Megre outline the plan for liberating Earth and returning people to the primary sources.

In brief, we each creating our own small dimension of love through interaction with the natural habitat around us. We work together to enact a law which will allocate a free plot of land, at least one hectare, to any willing recipient. With this law, anyone can create their own dimension of love, their natural habitat on the Earth, their family homestead. Born and raised in nature, the next generations will be wiser and continue the mission with yet greater gusto.

Anastasia’s idea gives confidence and hope. By comparison, many populars news stories seem minor. We’ve all read about a rare animal reappearing, an ocean clean-up initiative, permaculture, or the Paris Agreement. Yet they don’t inspire the same long-lasting joy because of their obvious deficiencies. Permaculture is a nice gardening system but offers little about the Energy of Love or the true history of the Earth. It fails to comprehend the elders’ mistake that caused our problems in the first place.

And, alas, the popular ideas about decarbonising the economy are insignificant and perhaps even unrelated to the real task at hand — repairing our natural environment and restoring love into our families. Many have noticed how the same evil destroyers who brought us oil are now trying to bring us the next wave of technocratic servitude. Calling these technologies “clean” is not really accurate, and it rings hollow in our souls.

The marvellous thing about the Ringing Cedars books is that there are now many readers who share a genuine approach to planetary healing and transformation. They are not religion nor fantasy, though dark forces try to portray and defame them thus.

They are simply a return to our ancestors’ wisdom, to a deep love for nature and a recognition that we are a inseparable part of the great creations of Earth.

Anastasia’s conception of God is entirely natural, not supernatural, as in a religion. It could be called the Great Mystery, the Creator, or the Cosmic Intelligence. It is simply the emanating source of all the natural wonders of Earth.

All around the world, there is, sadly, a ripple of despair at the global situation. But Anastasia offers something new. It is a comprehensive new image of life, one where we restore and nurture the living environment around us, where we honour and treasure the great Energy of Love in our families. It is open to all people, treats all equally, and respects the purity of nature. It gives us a positive vision for a new epoch on Earth.

The Vedic Rus Rites of Love are vital to our well-being and emotional survival during this difficult transition time. Love is the main source of happiness for a person, and our beloved is our closest companion. Love, we know, comes to a couple during creation of their family homestead and is strengthened by the Rites of Love. The rites include courtship gatherings and games for young people to meet one another, the proposal in marriage, the design of one’s family homestead, the wedding (construction of the family homestead), the conception of the child, and the birth. 
Each of these rites are described in Megre’s books, providing a model for us to follow. There were also family holidays where forebears were remembered. The family would walk around their homestead and discuss the various plantings. Sometimes this was an occasion for youngsters to retrieve memories of their previous life as deceased family members who had planted some of the older trees. Thus the cycle of time was whole and people achieved in essence an eternal life.

Our ancient ancestors lived in a great pagan civilization that covered the globe, and from which all modern people are descended. Our social system was localism, where the most local level of government held authority. Within settlements, the Veche system was used, a circular council where everyone had equal power and there was no centre of power. This is the global system we should aspire to: it achieves freedom, autonomy, and social harmony among many people and diverse lands. Still, it is clear that a big shift of consciousness is needed on Earth. Especially in “developed countries”, there is an acute sense of crisis, and even a push for centralised governments to recognise a “climate emergency”. This sense of urgency can however be dangerous without a clear and effective plan of what to do.

Anastasia’s family homestead plan is essential to keep up our morale and guide us forward. It is the only plan that sincerely and completely works to liberate the planet. Alas, many on the progressive edge of society are still pursuing money as the non-negotiable goal around which good works are arranged. Anastasia has no need or desire for money; she recognises it as the dark forces’ proudest invention.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there have been a series of obstacles to the emergence of a Ringing Cedars movement in the English speaking world, and their regularity raises suspicion of a concerted effort. At time of writing, a Google search (from Australia) presents only one publisher of genuine material from the Russian movement — our very own The other nine on the front page are all part of a US-led separatist movement that aims even now to cease contact between author and readers, to distort the text, and to profit financially from it. Whether or not intended, the effect is to defame the books and leave readers confused. 

As always, our organisation favours the official translation and the more accurate terminology, родовое поместье “family homestead”, родная партия “family party” and родина “homeland” or “native land”. We believe the elaborate, carefully constructed narrative in the books deserves a professional approach by experienced native English speaking translators. Unlike previous attempts, the translation commissioned by Megre in 2013 delivers on these attributes — A clear translation helps us understand new information. 

Yet, free of these linguistic concerns, magnificently, triumphantly, the Russian people have embraced Anastasia’s vision. Besides several hundred independently organised family homestead settlements, there is now a federal program of free one-hectare land allotments that has already served about 70,000 families. If Vladimir Megre is correct, and I believe he is, in April next year the disarmament race will begin, launching a series of events that will spread the family homestead idea more broadly outside of Russia and bring the end to the global military complex.

There is good news on Earth but for the story that really satisfies, Westerners may need to look overseas. We who thought ourselves most advanced now find ourselves in last place — technocracy was the wrong direction. Better to realise that sooner rather than later, and set a new course back to nature. Those whose souls are stirred by Anastasia’s vision will recognise its truth and will help where they can. These days bring didactic trials, but together we are creating a bright future for our planet.

Thanks to the many people who are creating their family homesteads, preserving their oases of Love, there will be Good on the Earth!