People want to create their family nest – authorities must help them

This is an excerpt from an interview with Bair Zhamsuev, representative of the Trans-Baikal Territory in the Federation Council, talking about the “Far Eastern hectare” program of free land allotments.

Bair Zhamsuev: And our final topic is the “Far Eastern hectare”. Of course, there are still many questions, but I think the population will accept it if it’s properly explained.

Angelina Grokholskaya: Will this program also be implemented in the Trans-Baikal Territory?

Bair Zhamsuev: Of course, it’s already on the way.

Angelina Grokholskaya: We have another story about family homesteads, showing that it’s not all smooth sailing. Let’s have a look.

Bair Zhamsuev: OK…

Story: Do not give up, homeland! Another story about the family homestead. Why do people choose this form of community and what problems arise when combining.

Angelina Grokholskaya: For you, Transbaikalia is also your homeland. You were born in the Chita region, in the village of Aginskoye, right?

Bair Zhamsuev: Yes.

Angelina Grokholskaya: But if you were offered to create a family estate, where would you do it?

Bair Zhamsuev: Actually, I have a house in Aginsk – the house of my mother, my parents, so it is kept in good condition, just recently made repairs in the house, therefore, probably there.

Angelina Grokholskaya: Do you often go there?

Bair Zhamsuev: Very often, almost every month I go there.

Angelina Grokholskaya: Yes?

Bair Zhamsuev: Of course. But, looking at this story, I would like to say that Transbaikalia holds on such people, probably, not only Transbaikalia, but also a country that loves its small homeland, and the task of the authorities is to help these people overcome the same bureaucratic obstacles , the obstacles that the heroine was talking about now, and most importantly, speaking of such lands, there are people who want to work on the land, there are people who want to create their family nest, and I think that this is the program that exists in the Far East hectares, it will help these people obtain free land, but somewhere to combine these efforts and to create such large settlements with its own infrastructure, since the implementation of the State undertakes to take yourself these projects, now about 10% of any investment project is aimed at creating a so-called external infrastructure.

Angelina Grokholskaya: This is very important.

Bair Zhamsuev: This is very important, because it is clear that investors are investing there to get their own profit, their profit, but the infrastructure remains with the state, I think that this is absolutely correct. Speaking about Transbaikalia, I would like to say that our President said very correctly that in a few years the living standards of the Far East should be above the national average, and I think that the task of the authorities and ours, of the Federation Council is to do everything In order to realize this goal, this task, of course, with the support of our people who live on this earth, these are the people you showed in the plot, these are patriots, these are people who will never leave for a better life, they will invest, they will live on this earth, make it relying on such people, with the help of the authorities, I think that the future is ours.

Angelina Grokholskaya: Today you shared your love for the Trans-Baikal Territory, for which we are very thankful!

Bair Zhamsuev: Thank you very much!

Angelina Grokholskaya: Thank you! Today in the “Big Country” we talked about the Trans-Baikal Territory, its present and future – the region has good prospects, they are open, now the main thing is to use them correctly. In our studio was a member of the Federation Council from the Trans-Baikal Territory, Bair Zhamsuev. And that’s all, good luck and see you, our e-mail address:, we are accessible in social networks and remember, despite the distances, we are close by!


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