Take care of our image

Family Homestead and “eco-settlement” are two totally different images which are not comparable with one another. Maybe we should treat more carefully this energy which has raised us to such a height and continues to raise us?

Briefing report on Family Homestead Settlements

This report introduces the concept of the family homestead, a one hectare allotment consisting of a dwelling, water source, mixed garden and forested area. Homesteads are small enough to tend by hand, large enough to feed a family, and are arranged together in settlements of 200 or more. The possibilities and limitations of family homesteads are discussed within the Australian context. 

Family Party candidate achieved second place in Saratov regional elections

“Such a powerful unity was demonstrated by the Family Party!” Kopenkina wrote in a post after the results were published. “For each who embodied these elections together with me – a deep bow and a kiss for everyone, I felt such powerful support and only that inspired me. The Family Party has loudly announced itself! We are strength! We will only move forward! We will bring your projects to life! We will be listened to!”

Creating Family Homesteads

Why make so much hot air discussing the theoretical solutions to underemployment, climate change and the housing crisis when a possible solution is right here in front of us?

Let the land employ our people! Put carbon back into the soil! Grow plants to support ourselves, and sell their fruits to fund future development.