Soul Mates [mp3 download]

Great [C] battles did we overcome ‘tween [Am] forces light and dark,
And [F] on our earthly bodies made brave [C] victory its mark,
Lo all hell and evil’s ills yay made it still we through,
Remembering for evermore all that is good and true.
One [F] maiden’s brightest courage lit a [C] star for me to find,
[Am] Cleanly wiped my grimy past in [G] body, soul and mind,
Those images of wicked men near killed us both but we
United and despite it cancelled that catastrophe

[C] Love shining like the [Am] sun
Down on every [G] one
All around the [F] world
Water floating in the clouds
Come down to the ground
Love in all the rivers

A dream of loving parents soon arose in both our heads,
An Earthly garden paradise of family homesteads,
Profound in its simplicity that each can make their home,
Great forests sprung in our good dreams from Nature’s fertile loam.
Soul mates of an ancient pair, we strove for love anew,
And love encircled both our souls, with rites of love it grew.
We travelled til we found the place of destiny on Earth,
Where barefoot babies from the stars ran to their joyful birth.

Our family tree grew strong and tall with leaves of perfect form
In it lived our memories, kept by our children warm.
In Nature’s womb they tasted, heavenly, the universe,
Unravelled a cosmic thread no man could then reverse.
Through life upon the next we wove an everlasting strand,
Radiating light, we dreamed together, hand in hand,
The rhythm of the ages grasped our spirits, rapt in awe,
And when we reached the end we made it all again once more.

My friend the great creator, you thought up this perfect dream,
With every perfect blade of grass and every sunbeam.
Your program from the start was good in every single way,
Now I awake each dawn with love to greet my happy day.
I thank with you with inspired praise and pledge to be the best, 
Our homestead lives forever now, our soaring souls attest,
So come then friends and rouse yourselves and find your lover true,
And hark, go out and look for them, or they’ll have to find you!

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