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Happy new year, dear friends, and welcome to new subscribers. Here in the mountains at Batlow the hot weather has already given way to rain, cold water, green hills and crystal crisp clear nights. The family homestead movement and the Ringing Cedars movement is active in all continents of the world. We are here!




Megre predicts disarmament for April 2020

The “Disarmament Race” appears in Ch. 10, Volume 5, “Who Are We”. In the story, a little girl, Dasha, rediscovers ancient psychic abilities that cause weapons and explosives to decay. Amid rising tensions, the sudden phenomenon prompts a worldwide race to dispose of military weaponry. Finally, Dasha appears on international television to tell the world about love, family homestead settlements, and how to awaken a new consciousness on the Earth … more

Inspiring 1 ha garden in South Australia

“Sophie’s Patch” is a gorgeous, inspirational and fun gardening book jam-packed with ideas, tips, projects and great advice all based on Sophie’s own garden in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Sophie has transformed what was once a dry, windswept cow paddock surrounding her historic stone cottage into a lush garden. Recommended by Henrik Hillerström … more

International Forum of Family Homestead Creators, Volyn, Ukraine, 9-14 July 2019

The forum provides everyone with a unique opportunity to exchange experience and information between family homesteads and settlements that are being created all over the world, as well as the opportunity to present the family homestead worldview to the global community. Already our movement has been successfully implemented in several countries of Eastern Europe and Russia.

The forum will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate a new world view for people and society, to showcase our joint achievements and plan further steps towards the development of a community of people creating the bright and beautiful future of Earth.

One of the main tasks of the upcoming Forum is to establish effective interaction between settlements and homesteads from different countries, creating a common development strategy for peace and prosperity on the planet … more



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Siberian cedar nut oil is available through
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Siberian cedar nut oil may also be seasonally available as local stock through
100g oil, AU$35-45

Ebooks of the authorised translation are available through
“Parables” and “Tales of the Future”, free
Volumes 1 – 8, US$6
Volume 10, US$10

Creative work, editorial concepts, shop listings, offers of help, complaints, suggestions, feedback, ideas, and other revolutionary ideology can be submitted for publication or negotiation.













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  1. Already our movement has been successfully implemented in several countries of Eastern Europe and Russia.

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