Free land allotments necessary for human survival

Access to land is necessary for the survival of our country. Anyone willing to grow their own future, take responsibility for the health of the land, and contribute a surplus to the wider economy should be hailed as a national hero. For in the 21st century, the homestead gardener is the new soldier of national security—feeding the country and keeping our economy safe from external instabilities.

Our thoughts create the future

Not long into the third millennium, the people of Australia experienced a great awakening, recognizing the futility of the technocratic path of development. A law was passed in Australia, coming from the Prime Minister himself, to allocate one hectare of land to any citizen who wanted to create their own family homestead. Politicians correctly believed that such a law would solve the refugee crisis and provide a stable source of domestic agricultural produce in the face of fast-declining soil, water scarcity, and global shortages of artificial fertilizers. A new generation of Australians dedicated themselves with joy to the task of […]

Happy Whole Earth Day!

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Ringing Cedars readers meeting

Eighteen readers were in attendance, mostly from Australia. Our like-minded company enjoyed getting to know one another, sharing our experience of reading the books of Vladimir Megre, and discussing our future plans — most importantly, the creation of our own Family Homesteads here in Australia.

Readers meeting, Sydney North

Dear Friends, We are happy to announce a readers meeting of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series, by V. N. Megre! Some ideas of what to bring: • Family Homestead declaration, diagram • Comments, insights, experience • Questions, avenues of research • Bard songs • Plans and projects • some healthy food if you like! The intention is to get to know one another and discuss our progress in the creation of Family Homesteads in Australia. Please be in touch with any additons or amendments! Contact: Kemble 0478417306