Anna Heidebrecht – Dream Calling

Everyone searches for happiness. But they created it – for themselves and for us. Clean air and water for their children, fresh fruit, a garden and a forest. Their own piece of homeland, a dimension that heals and offers eternity. Forefathers are responsible for the world into which they bring children.

On the translation of Поместье

According to ЭСБЕ, a un​​iversal encyclopaedic diction​​ary, Поместье dates back to the Kiev period (9th – 13th century) and refers to land allocated by a sovereign, sometimes in mass allotments, for the use of free servants in return for past and future service.

Kristina Timakova. A little philosophy about the birth of children

When a woman is pregnant, the baby has it very good in the tummy. Mama loves the baby, it’s warm and cozy there. And I really wanted that when our child was born, that it wasn’t less good than than in this space. So that everything around him was already dear and familiar, and caressed and loved him just as much. I really wanted to give the child a Space of Love!