FAMILY PARTY participation in land-use roundtable

On 16 March 2017, representatives of the political party “FAMILY PARTY” took part in a round table on “Improving the use of our country’s land resources” held by the All-Russian People’s Front (A-RPF). Objectives of the event: • to involve a wide range of the expert community to discuss on the A-RPF platform the issues of improving the use of land resources in modern conditions • to prepare proposals for executive authorities on how the implement the existing instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Participants of the event: • Members of the Central Staff of the A-RPF • […]

Vladimir Megre about “Family Homestead” terminology

Samokhin AV: Vladimir Nikolaevich, can I ask a question? During the two days before the congress, we have been trained. It was held for our future deputies. It dealt with various topics, roundtables were held. And we realized that one of the main aspects of our activity is the “conceptual apparatus”. Most importantly, that inside the movement and in the Family Homesteads themselves, we speak the same language, understandable to one other. So I would like to ask the following question: What do you – the author of these books – think should be the correct term? This issue was […]