Available land for Far East allotments will increase to 10 million hectares

In Primorsky Territory the area of ​​land available for allotment within the “Far Eastern hectare” program will increase to more than 10 million hectares. The corresponding draft resolution has already been prepared, according to the press service of the Primorye administration. The increase will consist of sites within the boundaries of current hunting grounds. The lands will be available from 1 October. “The presence of hunting grounds on an area of more than 10 million hectares will not be a reason to refuse land allotment to citizens under the federal law. This area is ​​more than half the total area […]

Free land allotments necessary for human survival

Access to land is necessary for the survival of our country. Anyone willing to grow their own future, take responsibility for the health of the land, and contribute a surplus to the wider economy should be hailed as a national hero. For in the 21st century, the homestead gardener is the new soldier of national security—feeding the country and keeping our economy safe from external instabilities.

Rites of love, and family homesteads in Maine

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