Far Eastern hectare: state program for life and work

Transcript: It has never been so easy to get land. Every Russian citizen can get a plot of land up to one hectare in the Far East under the “Far Eastern hectare” program, valid from 1 June, 2016. Applications are submitted via the Internet using the federal information system “https://надальнийвосток.рф/”. 197.1 million hectares are available for selection, more than a third of the Far East area. Land can be issued in any of the nine regions of the Far East.

The program offers maximum freedom to choose how the land will be used. People build houses, establish summer houses, engage in farming, open a café … We have a list of successful models to help you choose which land use you prefer. Land recipients can take advantage of 35 state support measures, including agricultural grants, subsidies, concessional loans and much more.

Choosing the location of the land – the decision of the citizen. Land can be obtained among open fields, in a village, with or without infrastructure, alone or with like-minded people. When a number of conditions are met, the state will provide infrastructure to locations with compact groups of allotment plots.

In the territory of the Far East, we have identified more than 80 dense settlements of “Far Eastern hectares”. Citizens are creating new settlements and expanding existing settlements. The first settlement – the village of the Far East – is located in Khabarovsk Territory, and two more will soon appear in the Sakhalin region. 30 existing villages have received a second wind and are now expanding thanks to clusters of “Far Eastern hectares”.

You can choose neighbours with whom to live and work by joining the community “Far Eastern hectare: ​​We are neighbours!”.

Far Eastern hectare: live and work on your land.

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  1. Is this available to a citizen of another country if they were to find a Russian to marry that is a Russian citizen?

  2. Hi, according to RT, the program is available to foreigners who follow ordinary immigration procedures. I think the process is 1) apply for short stay visa and visit Russia. 2) In Russia, apply for temporary residence permit. 3) After one year, apply for permanent residency permit. 4) After 5 years you are entitled to apply for citizenship (no guarantee). The article suggested that you may apply for free land after achieving temporary residence stage. (Note that there is a 5year probation before ownership of land is transferred to you).

    As far as I understand, marrying a Russian will entitle you to apply for citizenship immediately (no guarantee; there is an annual quota), and will reduce the requirements to achieve the temporary or permanent residency. For example, you may be entitled to live in Russia despite “insufficient bank balance”, etc.

    This information may be wrong, and it may be different depending on your nationality. (My idea is based on being Australian). Immigration matters are decided on a case-by-case basis and the rules may be more flexible or stricter depending on individual circumstances. You can search online for your closest Russian consulate or embassy, click to the “Visa” section and read the requirements at each stage. It may be quite different to this depending on where and who you are, your career experience etc. In general, my perception is that immigration to Russia is very possible for most Westerners if they are committed to the goal.

    If you are serious about this process, I would strongly recommend searching for an English-speaking Immigration Agent (search online) who can assist you through the process for a reasonable fee.

    Hope this helps

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