A gift for life

I know that the path to conscious parenthood is not paved with rose petals — it is very difficult and thorny. But if you still decide on this path, you will decide to invest your precious time and attention in learning to negotiate with your own children – this will be the best gift for them for life!

ONF experts discussed the regulation of family homesteads in Chelyabinsk

In the Chelyabinsk region, there are already twelve family homestead settlements occupying a total area of 1670 hectares. As a rule, they are built on abandoned agricultural land overgrown with trees and shrubs, fields of old Soviet collective farms. Family homestead creators tidy them up, and using their own money build access roads, connect electricity, and work to restore the ecosystem.

Saratov activists of the Popular Front discussed the future of family homesteads in the region

More than 20,000 families throughout the country have chosen the family homestead path for themselves. In 60 regions, settlements of a new type have been created, providing for ecological management of the economy, creation of useful products, careful treatment of nature and the surrounding world. But due to the imperfection of the legislation, people face serious problems.

Paintings by Anna Heidebrecht

In my school years, Vladimir Megre’s books “Ringing Cedars of Russia” became a part of my life. And then I began to dream of a family homestead and a happy future! The dream presented by the taiga hermit Anastasia inspires me in my creativity and guides me through life.