Practice of Family Homesteads (2018)

I analysed 71 academic articles about family homesteads written between 2003 and 2018. Many articles drew parallels with the Western concept of “eco-village”, and emphasised the residents’ desire for self-improvement, social harmony and an environmentally-friendly way of life (Petrov 2008, Kulyasov 2009, Savitsky et al. 2011, Pavlov 2013, Arkhinova 2015, Mukhlykin 2015, Hall 2015, Nesterova 2016, Pozenenko 2016, Walker & Plotnikova 2018). Others maintained that the Russian movement is distinct phenomenon compared to existing movements in the West (Khomyakova 2013, Zadorin et al. 2014, Gornaev 2016). In general, articles were positive, though tentative and sometimes dubious whether many would support […]

Translating родовое поместье

“Family homestead” is a better and more accurate translation of родовое поместье (rodovoe pomestye) into English. Let me present my arguments. First, поместье is not an entirely new word. It has a historical meaning, similar to “homestead” (USA) and “estate” (UK), regarding an allotted plot of land to be developed by the recipient as a service to the state. It has a historical record. What’s new with Anastasia’s idea is the word combination. She’s describing a new kind of поместье which is exclusively for and by one’s own family line (род). родовое поместье family homesteadfamily estate Likewise the family homestead is […]

Family homestead settlements as a socio-economic form (scientific report)

The main thing is that the alternative social environment created within family homesteads and their settlements can be built into the structure of modern society, interact with it, and enrich it with its practice. Family homesteads are one of the possible channels for the gradual, voluntary, non-violent transformation of existing social relations and the existing mode of production, opening up the prospect of a more attractive life for many members of society. And this is achieved not at the expense of renouncing the achievements of civilization, but, on the contrary, by using them to effectively address our pressing problems.

October 2017: Family Homesteads conference, Moscow

The Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University, introduced by Mikhail Yurievich Pavlov, invites you to participate. On 25-26 October, 2017, the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov will host an international scientific conference “The Role and Conditions of Development of Family Homesteads in the Social and Economic Transformation of Russia.” The conference will discuss the idea of “Family Homesteads” as expressed in the books of V. N. Megre, the “Ringing Cedars of Russia”. Address for accepting applications for participation in the conference:

Conference on Family Homesteads, Moscow

Hello Family Partiers and like-minded people! On February 20 in Moscow, I was lucky to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference on the “Scientific Foundations and Practical Realisation of the Idea of Family Homsesteads in Russia and in the World”, held at the Faculty of Economics at Lomonosov, Moscow State University. More than twenty people presented interesting reports: professors, Academicians, scientists, organizers of settlements, producers of eco-houses from Russia, Canada, Poland, Ukraine and Belorus .The most respected speaker, at 90 years old, was a famous scientist, the academician Lemeshev Mikhail Yakovlevich. He voiced a very important thesis: […]