Soul Mates [mp3 download]

Great [C] battles did we overcome ‘tween [Am] forces light and dark,And [F] on our earthly bodies made brave [C] victory its mark,Lo all hell and evil’s ills yay made it still we through,Remembering for evermore all that is good and true.One [F] maiden’s brightest courage lit a [C] star for me to find,[Am] Cleanly wiped my grimy past in [G] body, soul and mind,Those images of wicked men near killed us both but weUnited and despite it cancelled that catastrophe CHORUS[C] Love shining like the [Am] sunDown on every [G] oneAll around the [F] worldWater floating in the cloudsCome […]

Translating родовое поместье

“Family homestead” is a better and more accurate translation of родовое поместье (rodovoe pomestye) into English. Let me present my arguments. First, поместье is not an entirely new word. It has a historical meaning, similar to “homestead” (USA) and “estate” (UK), regarding an allotted plot of land to be developed by the recipient as a service to the state. It has a historical record. What’s new with Anastasia’s idea is the word combination. She’s describing a new kind of поместье which is exclusively for and by one’s own family line (род). родовое поместье family homesteadfamily estate Likewise the family homestead is […]

Family Homesteads – National Idea of Earth

In the mid 1990s, a new concept emerged in Russia for the arrangement of human settlements in rural territories. The family homestead idea allocates a plot of at least one hectare to each family household for the purpose of creating a dimension of love. Each family strives to perfect the environment within the boundaries of their homestead plot. The natural environment of the family homestead offers a living picture with infinite permutations. Plantings, buildings, earthworks, mowing and sowing all combine to create an external materialisation of the inhabitants’ inner consciousness. The family homestead is constructed and conceived with love for […]


In ancient times in Russia, the veche (вече) was conducted twice a year, at the spring and autumn equinox, or when there was urgent business to address. The elders (старейшины) from each village gathered together along with their helpers, not more than about five people from each village. There was no chief at this kind of meeting. At the veche, there is one main theme to be addressed.  In ancient times, people remembered the knowledge of our primary sources and the pristine beginnings of our existence. With great skill, they found joy in this wise information, and lived by its […]