Whole Earth Holiday 2019

Ringing Cedars readers!Anastasiev!Family Homestead creators! You are invited to celebrate our new holiday, the Whole Earth Holiday, on 23 July 2019 together with us at Szasz Walker Family Homestead in Batlow, NSW. This new international holiday was invented together by Vladimir and Anastasia, first celebrated in Russia, and is ultimately destined to be a whole-Earth celebration of nature, joy and love! “On that day there will be nothing to upset children. Let the grownups be their equals … On that day, let all the Gods be embodied in simple images. And God—the one, Universal God—will be happy. On that day […]

Rod – the Great Family

Родовое поместе means family homestead, but not exactly. In Russian there are two words for family. Семья is the family in a small sense, the immediate family, like a nuclear family. Род is the family in a large sense, like one’s ancestry, family line, and connection to the Creator. To better understand the word Род, I asked my Russian friends on social media to give their definition. I haven’t had many answers so far, but the responses already confirm a new word-meaning for English speakers to understand. Limited to single words, I believe Marian Schwartz was correct to choose “family […]

Meeting #7 Sunday 26 May 2019 9am

Minutes by Annabelle Attending Taylor (had to leave early)Adela (Joy) Schiman FloSvetlanaAnnabelleJonas ColeCassidy Coulson with daughter Wila VisualisationsFlo – how to give up being cranky with ex-partner and neighboursAnnabelle – No need to visualise a grand Utopia with the person. Just focus on the intention that the next conversation will be gentle, considerate, maybe a few laughs, mutual benefits in swapping ideas.Svetlana – let them go and feel gratitude for their contribution. This is a lesson for the soul. Everything that happens is up to us. Any conflict inside is reflected in the people around us.Joy – connect to compassion. The only reason […]