Rod – the Great Family

Родовое поместе means family homestead, but not exactly. In Russian there are two words for family. Семья is the family in a small sense, the immediate family, like a nuclear family. Род is the family in a large sense, like one’s ancestry, family line, and connection to the Creator.

To better understand the word Род, I asked my Russian friends on social media to give their definition. I haven’t had many answers so far, but the responses already confirm a new word-meaning for English speakers to understand.

Limited to single words, I believe Marian Schwartz was correct to choose “family homestead”. But we can learn more about this important concept by exploring the deeper definition. Here are some responses from Russian speakers…

Kumar Zhumazhanovich
можно на английском сказать GreatFamily/Это я просто предлагаю
You can say in English “Great Family”, just my suggestion

Elena Andreeva

Vasily Filippov
Род – это люди, по очереди приходящие в жизнь! Человек породистый, тот который пришел в жизнь по своему Роду.
Rod – these are people who take turns coming to life! A person is “po-rod-istvi” (~purebread), who comes to life according to their Rod.

Екатерина Полторацкая 
Род-для меня ассоциируется с большим деревом. С мощными корнями, толстой кроной и ветвями, тянущимся в бесконечную высь. Корни – наши предки, мы- крона, толстые веточки, а маленькие веточки, росточки – наши дети, внуки, правнуки и т.д.
Rod for me is associated with a big tree. With powerful roots, thick crown and branches, stretching to an infinite height. The roots are our ancestors; we are the crown; thick twigs, small twigs, sprouts are our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.

Mikhail Nikitin
Род это Творец. Это и начало и конец всего. Абсолют. Создатель грубой материи или проявленного мира. Что вам будет понятнее и на каком языке разговаривать?)
Rod is the Creator. This is the beginning and the end of everything. Absolute. Creator of crude material or the manifested world. What will you understand and what language to speak?)

Magomed-Kumilan Abdurizakov
РОД – это бог, самый старший из пантеона богов. Род является нашим прямым создателем, а мы являемся наследниками его всех энергий……,но не только “Рода”, его супруга “ЖИВА”. Они вместе создали все и вся для нас живущих. В пантеоне богов множество управляющих в своих сферах, фото снизу
ROD is god, the oldest of the pantheon of gods. Rod is our direct creator, and we are the heirs of all his energies ……, but not only “Rod”, his wife “ZHIVA”. Together they created everything and everyone for us. In the pantheon of gods, there are many governors in their spheres, the photo below

Let’s see how many more responses we can get! I’ll post updates here.

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