Vladimir Megre about correspondent points 




We ourselves are weakly positioned. The congress is now finishing, it will pass. And where is the resonance? This is really a grandiose event! Well, where is the resonance?
We’re even working poorly finishing our websites about the Family Homesteads story and such action as has passed here.
And as you can see now, there are two beautiful girls, the equipment stands by, they’re shooting a video. Probably, at least, at the end of this month our TV will start to work, where daily news will be disseminated.
For this, it is necessary to make correspondent points on the ground. That is, in each settlement a correspondent point should be organized. The organizer of the settlement, or someone on his own initiative must declare himself, declare to the Anastasia Fund that he is the person with whom you can communicate and receive information. This person must be registered in the fund. The foundation does not know everyone. It may happen that a person can give misinformation.
This is this simple matter, which is a routine one, but it needs to be implemented immediately. This will give a very serious impulse. I ask you, when you return home, to make correspondent points in your settlements.
This work should begin on a voluntary basis. Later we will hold a training seminar, seminar on photography, journalism and technology. Then all this can already go to paid work. Or it will be paid to a particular person who will cover the events, or it will be sent to the settlements. Let it be small money, let it be a hundred rubles, and then it will be one hundred thousand, maybe … after a while.
This will give, I think, a very serious shift. First, people will be able to see what is happening.
You do not need to talk about some super-events, but you need to tell how Marya Ivanovna starts planting her own patches on this beautiful day, and what she did. You can talk about many different directions. But I, for starters, will tell you about an action that needs to be implemented, which will help us all. 
We need to set up correspondent points in the settlements, create reports on successes and send them to the Fund for broadcasting.

Source: http://www.vmegre.com/events/37739/