Cedar cones at the Ringing Cedars company

The founder of the “Ringing Cedars” production company, Sergey Megre, shows and talks about the embodiment of his ideas.

Sergey Megre: At our “Cedar House” right now, there is an active construction site. This is all because of the number one task this summer: to organize the traditional storage of cedar cones, as it was stored in past times – in a wooden barn, gently laid out in linen bags specially made for the purpose.

After the cone is collected, it must “come”. It takes about three months until the cone is ripe, and the nuts are fully revealed.

The most important thing at all stages, from gathering to production, is not to lose its natural strength and energy. She’s alive … she’s breathing.

So that the cones do not inhale the urban air, the entire production cycle from storage to packaging the finished product is concentrated here in an ecologically clean zone of the Siberian taiga. Now we are building our own cedar house for this special purpose.

Source: http://www.anastasia.ru/news/detail/33233/

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