Towards a New Civilization: Soňa Csiffáry talks with Vladimir Megre

Radio Svobodný Vysílač, Bratislava, Slovakian internet radio

29 October 2017


Soňa Csiffáry: Hello, Vladimir Megre!

Vladimir Megre: Hello! It’s very nice to meet you and talk to you.

Soňa Csiffáry: And we are very glad you are here. Yesterday I came to the conference, and the organizer Martin Turnicheva said: “Prepare your questions”. So I prepared some questions, you started talking, and you immediately began to answer these questions without even having heard them.

Vladimir Megre: How well done. Right?

Soňa Csiffáry: They were immediately understood and began to be considered together. Just as if we were all in one common consciousness, and you, too, entered into this consciousness, and began to answer these questions. I say to our radio listeners, you are a writer who wrote the “Anastasia” books, ten books that are very important, in which you write:

– about the relationship between a man and a woman,

– about how we should live,

– about family homesteads, how to create them,

– and even how to work with awareness and general consciousness, too, from which one can somehow access information.

I already read several of these books and advise our listeners to read them. I have not read everything yet, but gradually, just because of those things which are not laid out directly.

This topic, which you bring to people, is also a topic that comes through automatic writing. It is simply a confirmation that many people somehow glean this information from consciousness.

In 2015, I realized that people had to organize something like a Slavic gathering together. Simply one place where people working on the law gather people and come up with proposals that can be immediately written out and read aloud to people, which is important to do.

Allow me to tell you what I wrote.

A conscious body and spirit link dedicated to Alpha and Omega in a dear home. At this moment I realized that it was not just some words, but it was the main password of the future days, of our life, for the Slavs in general. In 2015, I did not know that there would be a Slavic gathering. Then I learned that such a big meeting was organized in Russia.

Since last year I also began to write poems, simple poems, and I also write about Slavic things. All the information was connected: between itself, and to all of us. And I fully understand how you said yesterday that you had been thinking for a long time: if these books were to be written and published, then what shall be with them. It is very interesting that this situation is different among people. Apparently it is so, that we are from one creator.

I want to ask the questions that you did not answer yesterday. One of these questions is what will be the findings of this scientific center, which you recalled yesterday, being created in Russia. Our listeners are interested in this.

Vladimir Megre: There are several scientific centers in Russia that are engaged in research on the phenomenon of Anastasia. In October, the conference dedicated to the Anastasia phenomenon, Family Homesteads, will be held at the main Russian university. And what verdicts they will come to, I can only roughly say.

I have read the work of scientists, and I can say the following. One of the scientists, Mikhail Pavlov, wrote a book exploring historical aspects and said that if you take the ideas of Anastasia, a country like Russia and similar countries can be made happier than America. Earlier, America was an agrarian country, it traded mainly cotton. And then they adopted the Homestead Act, according to which all the people who wanted would be given land for one dollar. And then, a hundred years after this Act, many congressmen admitted that it was the strongest Act in the history of America. This Act, like a tide, lifted all the boats. America began to develop more intensively in science, in culture, in all branches.

What Anastasia suggested was an even stronger direction. This is not a revolution in the scale of one country. This is the evolution of the way of life of modern people. To understand what she said – for some reason, it is mostly economists who deal with this question, deconstruct it. They figure out how good it will be for a country if part of the population leaves the city, starts producing ecologically clean products, improves the health of the nation, and it will be good that people will love nature. But people said this a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, and today people also say that they love nature, that the air is polluted. But no shift has happened for the better.

And suddenly the secret recluse says a few phrases, and hundreds of thousands of people begin to change their way of life, and build family homesteads.

That’s the subject of the study – why dozens, hundreds of newspapers, magazines, broadcasts talked about this issue and no one moved, but then suddenly … Anastasia herself says: “I have collected the best sounds of the universe.” And they are effective. It’s hard to believe how one can collect the best sounds of the universe. But even more difficult to believe – why, thanks to several phrases, in Russia there have appeared about 400 settlements, consisting of Family Homesteads.

If you read books with the statements of Anastasia, without the interference of foreign sounds, hearing only the sounds of nature, they immediately begin to influence the soul of a person. I think that the statements of Anastasia should be dealt with by metaphysicians. In writing these books, I do not think that my credit is great.

There are conferences in different countries, I tell people some things, I answer questions. People listen to me attentively, but as soon as I begin to speak the exact phrases that Anastasia uttered, the room suddenly freezes, it becomes quieter, and people listen quite differently.

When Anastasia talks, holograms appear in space.

If she talks about Ancient Egypt, about the pyramids, then there are pyramids of the time of their creation.

If she talks about today, then today’s pictures emerge.

If she speaks with unusual words, then your memory remembers what she says, and you can write a book. She can talk for 15 minutes, and the book reads for 4-5 hours.

She also says that you do not hear with your ears, but that you are present in what she says.

I myself have not fully understood what happened. As the scientists say, Anastasia is a person whose genetic memory has preserved all the events that have occurred since the time of the creation of the world. In every person there is also this information. But modern conditions of life do not allow people to use this information. But if you disconnect and try, maybe you will succeed. That’s roughly it.

Soňa Csiffáry: Does Anastasia activate these codes in us, or is she herself like this code?

Vladimir Megre: No, probably she activates.

Soňa Csiffáry: Many say that we are now in the phase of clearing consciousness, clearing the planet. Or we have already passed this phase, and we are starting from scratch, and everything is new.

Vladimir Megre: I think that some people have already crossed, but some others have not.

Soňa Csiffáry: I have the feeling that all these steps can be taken by a person who is completely free in both body and soul. The rest of the people who have not yet been released, they are just observers somewhere on the side, around.

Vladimir Megre: And what is a free person?

Soňa Csiffáry: A person who consciously feels themselves, and they are together with the Earth and the universe.

Vladimir Megre: A free person is one who has free thought. Human thought is the main energy of the universe. Let’s try to see where a person uses this energy and whether they really are free.

Here one wakes up in the morning and thinks: “What should I wear today? What should I eat today? Where can I get food so that tomorrow we have something to eat? Which transport do I take to work today? How much is gas today?”, then their thoughts – they think, “Do I get paid well enough at this job?” Then they come to work and think that the boss is a fool. And then at work, the colleagues also dislike things. And then they return home and think: “Lord, how many cars are there”. And at home they clean. And also phone calls. And they drag a heavy bag and their back hurts. Then they go to bed and think: “Something is keeping me awake. Oh yes, I did not wash the dishes.”

What is the most powerful human energy used for? The strongest in the universe. On problems that in the other way of life should not exist at all. Anastasia does not need to think about housing or nutrition. She is fully serviced by animals with which she communicates, like pets. She says that you need to eat as you breathe, without thinking. This way of life allows her to use the energy of her thought to model the future. This, probably, is the freedom of man. We need to somehow correct our way of life.

Soňa Csiffáry: That is, you are sure that every person has these abilities, like Anastasia, if they are freed from all these thoughts, and will connect with the universe, with our God.

Vladimir Megre: It’s hard for me to say if they can connect with God. But they, at least, know God more than a person who is completely mired in our technocratic world.

Imagine a cashier in a supermarket who stands behind the cash register, presses buttons the whole day to calculate the cost of the purchase you are making and give you a receipt. The cashier issues the receipt. And how is this different from the ticket office, the ironworks, this person pressing the buttons? Little by little. That’s such a big, big question – but how did this person allow themselves to become an appendage to a cash register. Did someone force them to do this? Or do they not understand that there is another life, and that this other life depends on them?

I think that if many people think about it, they can change their lives. The idea of ​​creating Family Homesteads, which was mentioned yesterday, will help to do this.

As happened in America, now in Russia and other countries like the Czech Republic and Slovakia, very big changes can occur that will affect all spheres of people’s way of life, and of the state as a whole.

Family Homesteads can also affect the wages of people who stay in the city. The wages of people who live in the city will increase. Why will they go up?

Let’s imagine this situation. A modern person is looking for work. They live in an apartment, and of course they need to pay for an apartment, pay for electricity, pay for water, pay for the removal of garbage. If they does not do it, if they don’t pay, someone takes the apartment for debts. But there is no decent work so the person agrees to poorly paid work, just to hold on somehow, clinging to life, for the sake of this apartment.

In other words, small wages are small because people agree to work for them.

And now let’s imagine a different situation. A person lives in a family homestead. They have a house and a hectare of land on which there’s an orchard, garden, things grow. Someone comes and offers work for money somewhere in the city. Despite the salary, they don’t simply go to this job, and there’s nothing to be lost. Because this person has a job in the family homestead which will bring more income. In this situation, the employer will raise wages. Like that.

Soňa Csiffáry: Thank you so much for replying about the freedom of man. We would like to return to family homesteads. If you think, if it is practical, for us to make some laws, to preserve those people who want to live in family homesteads, and who are able to simply live in this way. If it is possible in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Vladimir Megre: Yes, it is possible. This is especially possible in the Czech Republic, because it has already become a problem that people are departing the villages and small towns, and leaving for the city. In Slovakia, this is less of a problem, but for Slovakia it is necessary that a certain number of people be in family homesteads. So that these people produce ecologically clean food. In farming, this cannot be done.

Soňa Csiffáry: Two weeks ago, there was a Slavic gathering in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and even Hungary, people are beginning to create communities that legally protect their land. At this first meeting they decided that they would follow the Old Slavic laws. Such information might be interesting for our listeners and for you too – in Slovakia, several people have been able to legitimize that the land in Slovakia is no longer a product that can be sold to people, but rather a national dignity and value. The only question is what will be gained by this law. We hope that the strength of the new consciousness of the Slavic people will help to secure our people’s dignity – our land.

If possible, I have one more last question, a small one. You had a very good interesting idea yesterday about a caravan of mobile homes, men and women. How it’s so important for a man and a woman to be together. And the question is if you can just think spontaneously of some name for this caravan, what would you call it?

Vladimir Megre: Yes, I can not think of anything spontaneously, but it needs a name. Let’s think together. If you come up one, then say it. Maybe your listeners will think of one.

I’ll outline the essence of this caravan. I’ll repeat. Take the meeting yesterday, in Prague, and other places. People come from far away to this meeting. The meeting lasts 2-3 hours and then they leave. So why a caravan? People come from Russia, they stop at a campsite or a motel for 2-3 days. All this is announced in advance. People can come there to talk to them. These are people who are creating family homesteads. People from different places will gather there together, they have evenings together, they communicate with each other. And people come there who are looking for a life partner with whom to create a family homestead, with whom to create a family and have children.

You can imagine it already. Let’s go, maybe you can explain the idea in more detail, maybe listeners will come up with the title, but I will also think about it.

Here’s a name that came. What was the conference called in Prague here? “The New Civilization”. I thought maybe to name the caravan – “Towards a New Civilization”. Not a new civilization, they will say: “Well, wow, they’re going here, they called themselves ‘A New Civilization’, they’re already so smart.” But if we call it “Towards a New Civilization”, that is, we are looking for ways for a new civilization. Something I saw this just now, that the caravan will start, five cars come, then another five hundred cars will be connected with them, then another one and a half million, and they will all go by caravan to a new civilization.

Soňa Csiffáry: Dear home.

Vladimir Megre: There! On the way home they go to a new civilization. Think and imagine. I wish that your listeners would come into the new civilization not alone, but in families, not just a man with his wife, but with his beloved wife, not just with a girl, but with a beloved girl. And for women – many men are now preparing themselves, to become worthy of that woman, with whom they will go into the new civilization. Already as I’m saying this, the desire arises to go with this caravan. Thank you!

Soňa Csiffáry: Thank you very much! Many thanks to Anastasia, who is inspiring us to a new life. A happy journey, much happiness, health. I feel that there is an activation all through our planet, and Anastasia helped us a lot, with your assistance.

Vladimir Megre: Thank you for your understanding!

Translated by Kemble Dawson Walker
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