Galina Samokhina – the Transition

December 8, 2017

Once, when our daughter was already in 8th grade, she wanted to correct her handwriting. She imagined clearly what kind of writing she wanted to have – the height, slope and width of the letters … And she began to try to write in a new way. What started to come from these efforts, to put it mildly, did not please her. Letters danced from side to side, jumped on the ruler and even slid under the ruler, not to mention their thickness and height – they could not be made to be the same. But the most terrible thing was that my daughter forgot how to write with her own handwriting, which, although not perfect, was much better than it was now. She was in despair, and even rushed to throw out her notebook in vexation, because instead of what she wanted, she got something completely different …

However, I supported my daughter, instilling in her the confidence and desire to continue. A few more weeks passed, and … the result surpassed all expectations! Smooth, beautiful, slim handwriting now filled the lines of notebooks. My daughter was happy, admiring the result of her work.

And I thought how often this happens in life – when we decide on a transition, we hasten to evaluate the result too soon. The former has already gone, it can not be returned, and the new, what we desire, is still far away, still going and going to it … A person suddenly stops halfway, looks back, compares the old with what they have now … and they lose heart.

Yes, the transition is not lined with chocolate sweets, it is complex and requires maximum effort – spiritual and physical. Yes, there will always be those nearby who push one to evaluate the result before the Transition is complete, in order to prove how stupid you were when you set off … But if the dream that inspired you to go is worth it, then go to the end!

There is a wonderful saying, which I repeat as a mantra, when it becomes difficult in the next Transition: “Do what you must, and come what may.” We work and work in the chosen direction, and at some point you realize that this Transition is complete, and you are surrounded by a new, beautiful reality.

I wish inspiration, patience and wisdom to all who decide on the Transition!



Translated by Kemble Dawson Walker
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