In Anastasia’s Ray – inspired poetry

In Anastasia’s Ray, Sounds of the Soul of Russia. These poems were written by readers of Volume 1 Anastasia, after its publication in 1995. Readers submitted their poetry directly to the author, and to the Anastasia Foundation.

Light-world Anastasia

How I want to rest in a circle of friends
As the subtle candle burns
So that Soul with Soul in unison
Guitar strings – weep and sing.

How I want to stand better and wiser,
With cleaner soul, thoughts and deeds,
So that with everlasting tenderness to us
The eyes of the Heavenly Father take care.

And Mother Nature, in her wisdom
Forgave me, warmed my Soul,
So that my wounded Soul again
Sang a great new hymn of love.

And Russia sprinkled out from her
And stood up on her own.
With wisdom that she carried across the ages,
All is generously given, now deep-rooted.

Here is the alarm bell above the entire Earth,
And in every corner of our Dear Russia
Are the shrewd words, great and simple,
Of dear and wise Light-world Anastasia.

– N. P. Tarasova, Kansk, Tartarstan, page 42.

To Anastasia

Anastasia, beautiful fairy,
Congratulations to you
From the wives of today.
Now you have something to care for,
All for your son, all for him.
All will be healthy and happy
For him in his native land.
Anastasia, you, like a favourite daughter,
Fill up my soul.
It is all clear to see,
How you and your son are there together
In that filial glade.
And with the memories of your father,
Waiting for him to visit
Your simple taiga home.
For you there is mixed-in joy –
You with your little son,
Your love and joy,
For the moment still alone.
Now you have two Vladimirs –
Son and father. I wish you the happiness of a wife
From a clean heart and soul,
And that the days of your life together
Shall be similarly nice!
– A. G. Zaremba, Moscow, Russia, page 75


You’re from another civilization,
In each movement such grace!
For me, you exist!
You glance at me and heal my heart!
I let your mystery into my Soul,
Into its eternity I fly…
You treat me in eternity
With attractive Ringing Cedars…
I believe in your Love
And I send you the Good!
A cedar branch above the head,
Light hairs to the clouds,
You are the good fairy of the taiga,
With the light helping you,
With forceful gratitude
The Cedar twigs have given
Joy, Good, Love
Installed in the hearts of the people!
From the forces of light,
God gave you flickering Love…
You read the book of the stars
To throw a bridge across the abyss.
Love, Light, Good,
So that life on Earth will blossom
And call to the Heavens!
With light you touched me softly
With good eyes, you smiled,
You shine with beauty, harmony, the taiga
Your appearance dawned!
Your blossoming youth,
Your heart spreads on the true course
And boundless light Goes through the whole world
As your good council!
You – child of Nature,
You – a little part of the Universe.
You see, sharp-sighted, distant ages,
Held in the heart of Love!
Your strong councils
Are in the Supreme Reason, I believe!
Glory, Glory, Glory
To the fire of a Goddess!
In it, my life’s belief!
So with my Soul and heart
I land with you.
Praise to the Forces of Light, praise!
Glory, Glory, Glory
To the fire of a Goddess!
Glory to God! Amen!

– T. N. Derevich, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, page 67


Flying with the mountain breeze,
I saw a valley stream.
Water is there, alive,
The valley is many-colored with herbs.
Beautiful, unearthly flowers
Love-covered and blooming.
A grasshopper playing in the strings
Calls out in this golden Paradise.
In love, couples walk
And sing ringing songs.
O with that, how beautiful the Earth.
Lilac flowers and fields.
You put away all stutters of the soul,
You let the breeze in there.

– Valeriy Leonidovich Bezhko, Maykop, Krasnodar, page 329.

Poetry anthology from readers of the Ringing Cedars of Russia, by Vladimir Megre. Translated by Kemble Dawson Walker.

Megre, V (ed.), Walker, K (trans.), The People’s Book:  In Anastasia’s Ray, Sounds of the Soul of Russia(2000). Moscow: D.I.L.Ya.