Family Homesteads – National Idea of Earth

In the mid 1990s, a new concept emerged in Russia for the arrangement of human settlements in rural territories. The family homestead idea allocates a plot of at least one hectare to each family household for the purpose of creating a dimension of love. Each family strives to perfect the environment within the boundaries of their homestead plot.

The natural environment of the family homestead offers a living picture with infinite permutations. Plantings, buildings, earthworks, mowing and sowing all combine to create an external materialisation of the inhabitants’ inner consciousness.

The family homestead is constructed and conceived with love for future generations. It is, deliberately, an ideal place for the birth and raising of children. It is comforting and nourishing, provides nutrition by way of fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds and herbs, and promotes positive emotions by its happy memories. Knowing the intention of the creator resonates in the limbs of each spreading tree, the whole homestead should be built while thinking about love and what is good.

The family homestead is a place to harmonise all opposites. Its boundary is ringed by a living fence, a hedge that protects against unwanted influences, especially the pernicious psychic forces that have, for a thousand years, led the majority astray from our original purpose. Within the living fence, an energetic dimension arises, resonating with the thoughts and memories imprinted in each tree and shrub. Try planting a sapling with a clear intention – for the rest of its life, this tree will remind you of that same intention every time you pass nearby.

We gather together ancestors whose memories we cherish, inviting their souls to inhabit the trees of an ancestral grove. The family tree, a cedar or an oak, has space on all its limbs for the good souls we’d like to see return. Thus, the family homestead gathers an entire family line into one place.

The family homestead idea is both cause and effect of a new consciousness on Earth, and the awakening of the sleeping Vedruss civilization. It is a new form of society, fundamentally different from the technocratic disaster that led us to the brink of catastrophe.

“At the beginning of the new millennium, the first sign of the Earth’s beautiful, happy future was any living shoot in each estate. People who had laid the permanent foundations of the first homesteads still did not completely sense the significance of what they had done. They had simply started to look on the world around them more joyfully.”

Bk5 Ch7

Family homestead creators purposefully materialise the conditions for their future incarnation on the Earth. The concept reflects competence in the knowledge of the human soul, and confidence to understand the immortal part of a human being – its memories, feelings, thoughts, emotions and imagination.

These unseen aspects are ignored in the technocratic paradigm, where humans are reduced to materialistic conglomerates of biological building blocks. By contrast, Vedruss diligence towards the invisible energies guides a person to a greater level of care for our Earth, and a fuller responsibility to the legacy we each leave behind. Who’s to say our perceptions cease at the moment of so-called death? Indeed, many individuals claim memories of past lives; proficiency in retaining these memories was standard in the Vedian age.

A human continues to live in their reputation among others. If we are remembered fondly for having completed good works during our time embodied, then we are more likely to be re-embodied in the birth of the next newborn babe. On the other hand, those who give themselves up to the destructive urge are left to languish in the consequences of their own decision-making.

The family homestead idea brings agency to the creation of our own future reality. Dreams and imagination become real through our daily work. We influence the living processes of nature, arranging seed and soil in correct relation with water and sun. Then, by the marvel of life, these creations grow, magically, magnificently, into eternal organisms, endlessly capable of their own self-reproduction. We, too, by our conscious determination, can visualise a positive future. At the moment of death, imagining our rebirth into a resplendent garden will create that future reality. This ability was once commonplace, and will be again. Birth and rebirth, the ability to remember past lives… What is this if not eternal life?

“A new civilization, Vladimir, is characterized by a new awareness, by new perceptions of the surrounding world. This great beginning, arising in modern people and invisible to the ordinary eye, will start by changing the face of the entire planet called ‘Earth.’ It will affect the life of the whole Universe.”

Bk8.1 Ch13

The family homestead idea is already transforming our planet, and yet greater changes are going to happen soon. How can we handle in a few short paragraphs a topic so epic and good? In coming articles, we’ll be exploring the progress and potential of the family homestead idea, and its application in Australia.

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At time of writing, there are 521 settlements of family homesteads listed with the Anastasia Foundation, mostly in Russia and the surrounding areas. 70,586 citizens have received a free hectare allotment through the Far Eastern Hectare program. More than 20 million copies of the Ringing Cedars books have been sold. These numbers continue to grow.

Kemble Walker is co-creator of Szasz Walker Family Homestead and founder of Ringing Cedars – Australia.