Family homesteads – a new perspective in the development of Russia and the world


The role and conditions for the development of “family homesteads” in the social and economic transformation of Russia


20 November, 2017

Maya Ladilova
Executive Director of the Anastasia Foundation

The “family homestead” idea aims to significantly improve the way of life of individual families and create favorable conditions for the existence of their future generations.

At the same time, it creates a beautiful image of the future of Russia, intensive development in all directions, and stimulates the population to a higher level of morality.

“Family homesteads – the national idea of Russia” was the phrase spontaneously born to people familiar with the idea. And these are not mere pretty words.

Tens of thousands of Russian families began to unite in groups, to buy abandoned land overrun with weeds, and to put them in order, to return life to abandoned villages and settlements.

The Anastasia Foundation (, of which I am the director, is focused on amazing information about Russia’s rising future.

Over the past ten years, 370 settlements of a new type have appeared in rural areas of Russia, these are settlements consisting of family homesteads.

Their creators, people of different nationalities, creeds, not a burden on state support, are taking over a hectare of land, building their family homesteads for the ages. They create it for themselves, for their children and grandchildren, for the beautiful future country of Russia. Every year new groups join them. Thus, new settlements are being formed. The patriotism of the people materializes not in words, but in practice.

The creators of family homesteads have one feature, they are all readers of the books of the series “Ringing Cedars of Russia” by the Russian writer Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre.

In different ways there have been critiques of the work of Vladimir Megre, but the main critics—the people—have not added their weight to these words. The people made poems, songs and pictures dedicated to the heroes of his books. They made concrete actions, creating family homesteads of the future beautiful country—Russia!

The main idea of books, the perfection of our living environment through the creation of family homesteads, is set out in an exciting artistic form.

The main heroine of books, a hermit of the Siberian taiga, Anastasia, shows the significance of this idea through philosophical parables about God, and the destiny of humanity. The leading universities of the world became interested in the ideas of books, and their unusual, effective presentation.

A candidate in economic sciences from Russia presented the project of economic development of the state according to the ideas from Megre’s books about family homesteads at five universities in the U.S.A., and was invited by four universities to begin work on the doctoral thesis on this topic. He accepted the invitation of one of the universities, which offered him and his family residence and work for five years.

Russian scientists, especially economists, also show a keen interest in the ideas of Vladimir Megre’s books. This present conference, taking place at the main university of Russia, testifies to this. But this is not enough. It is necessary to create a separate, permanent working group consisting of scientists of different disciplines, including metaphysics.

After all, the books talk not only about family homesteads, but also about a more rational way of storing nuclear waste, effectively cleaning the air of modern megacities, a much more perfect way of mastering the expanses of the universe. It is also necessary to try to understand what these sounds of the Universe are, about which Anastasia speaks, and with the help of which she was able to reach out to human souls and hearts, inspiring them to create creatively. How did the taiga hermitess Anastasia manage to give Vladimir Megre a magic pen with the help of which he could present a new development paradigm to the world?

I will give just one example of how this pen can prompt a more positive attitude towards Russia and its President.

In September of this year, I attended a meeting of Vladimir Megre with his readers in the Czech Republic. The hall of 600 people was crowded full. To a question from the audience, “How does the Russian government relate to the idea of family homesteads?”, Vladimir Nikolaevich replied: “Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin signed a decree on the free distribution of a hectare of land in the Far East.” The entire hall, without a word, applauded our President.

Conference of Vladimir Megre with readers in Prague, September 2017

I thought that the entire world might also applaud Russia for its President, and to achieve this it is only necessary to adopt the law “On Family Homesteads” in Russia, while effectively combining the measure with books that inspire people to create.

But it can also happen that the world will applaud another country and another President.

The concept of the law “On Family Homesteads” is already being developed in Belarus. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy after receiving citizens at the Council of Ministers. The Vice-Premier reported that the concept of the draft law “On Family Homesteads” is in a high degree of readiness, a working group has been created that is considering this issue. “In general, the concept is practically developed, now we are clarifying some specific points. In particular, the question of how much land to allocate for such homesteads is being discussed,” he explained. In Belarus there are now more than 570 people who consider themselves the owners of such family homesteads. There are a lot of such citizens especially in the Volozhinsky and Vitebsk regions. More information on the site of the message:

But what about the decree on the “Far Eastern hectare”?

Differences in the representation of “Far Eastern Hectare” and the Law “On Family Homesteads” are significant.

The Far East hectare and the name itself, is not some kind of “родным” (~ familiar native home land), it’s the same as the ordinary land code. In the word combination of family homesteads, the philosophy of the way of life and the perfection of the dwelling land is a kind of life of a person on Earth that comes closer to the people.

The Far Eastern hectare implies everything: farming, farming, hunting, that is, not the institution of the family, namely small business, is of paramount importance (it is impossible to create a large business on a hectare of land). In the Far Eastern hectare, the business, agriculture, is improved but not the family. Are we born to do business? We are born, in order to live and beautify the planet for our children, to create a space of love for our small “Родина” (~ native birth family land).

The idea itself is not bad, it just does not sound like “family homesteads”. It is a consumer attitude to the land, to the law, and nothing more.

Speaking about the development of rural areas, one can assume how much financial investment is invested in this program. So is it not easier to support the inhabitants of settlements of family homesteads who have built their family homesteads for so many years already, and are doing everything in their power to create new groups, new settlements, new family homesteads? To support what has already been created by people? The development of new settlements currently occurs without financial injections from the state.

Development of approximately 480 settlements of family homesteads has occurred internationally even without the support of the state.

New habitation places, settlements of family homesteads, differ sharply from villages and settlements in which the older generation live, and succeed well especially if “дачники” (~ summer people) come.

There was agitation against the idea of family homesteads, it was not always supported, people tried to blacken it, and it developed this force. But state institutions need to study it, not only to look for something undiscovered for centuries, but to study what has already flared up and is developing now.

The state needs only to support those people who are already building up their family homesteads and those who may be, have now begun to build or want to take their land, saying that they support the idea from the books of Vladimir Megre. And think about how you can help. Only in this case will the images from the books begin to provide assistance, and, as we know, images rule the world.

There is a paradoxical situation of the book that prompted people to build a beautiful future in many regions trying to ban (and not only in Kazakhstan) organized harassment in the press. And at the same time, in one place in another place they try to take the idea, giving it away for their own, as a result they do not get the understanding and support of the society, but rejection.

Looking for the image of the future

Currently the authorities of the Russian Federation (the Kremlin) are looking for an image of the future of Russia, with which Vladimir Putin could go to the elections in 2018. The image of the future is a program with the economy, social sphere, and political reforms that will form the basis of the election campaign of Vladimir Putin. The Presidential Administration appeals to the governors with a request to determine the image of the future regions by analogy with how they are developing the image of the future of the whole country.

The image of the future is the main ideology of the company, which unites the goal of a new term policy for different social groups and society as a whole. Now they say that a dozen different groups are engaged in the image of the future, including Alexey Kudrin’s Center for Strategic Research, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University Lomonosov, Alexander Auzan, president of the Savings Bank German Gref. Looking for the image of the future is welcome. However, it will be very sad if the country’s leadership, institutions, governors, and will not notice that this image was already born, it lives and is developing from year to year. In the meantime, Russia is still looking for the image of the future.

Loving families and happy children are the central purpose of the creation of family homesteads.

Family homesteads as the idea and philosophy of a new way of life are increasingly being noticed by the people. Think about these figures. In Russia alone, without any support from the state, there are already more than 370 settlements, consisting of family homesteads. With the support of the state, there could have been more than two million to date.

Presently there is little positive news in Russia, so let the idea of creating family homesteads be supported by President Putin and become the most discussed positive idea, including among Presidents of other countries. I very much hope that the idea of family homesteads, including thanks to the support of the Moscow State University Lomonosov will eventually be recognized by the state as a national idea of Russia. And the law “On Family Homesteads” will be adopted, allowing citizens of the country to live and work on their land.

Family homesteads produce valuable goods, but the main idea is about preserving love in families, and making our children happy.

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