Far-Eastern hectare: territories expanded, chance of failure reduced


The Russian Far East is a wild and sparsely populated area of pristine natural beauty. Photo: На Дальний Восток.рф


22 November 2017

Amendments to the law on the “Far Eastern hectare” opened new territories for citizens and practically excluded the possibility of refusal of authorized bodies to provide land. 185 million hectares are now available for citizens to choose from, and the number of refusals in granting land does not exceed 3 percent. Experts of the Public Council under the Ministry of National Economy of Russia have praised these innovations, but believe they must not stop at what has been already been achieved.

“Legislation on the ‘Far Eastern hectare’ program is constantly being improved. Expanding the available land by 43 million hectares shows that we are not standing still. All the main players in this program, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East (AHCDFE), and the Public Council understand that there is no limit to perfection,” said Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Sergei Gabestro. In his opinion, it is necessary to continue to work with feedback, as well as to further emphasize the information campaign on this work and concrete positive examples of solving citizens’ issues. “In addition, one must not stop at what has been achieved. So far, a lot of territories are prohibited. It seems to me that we need to continue working with these territories,” he stressed.

AHCDFE, Minvostokrazvitiya of Russia and responsible departments have analyzed the boundaries of available areas in order to update data about provided land. Thirty percent more territories are now available for citizens to select than before the latest amendments. In addition, the AHCDFE conducts an audit on a regular basis of those areas which have been closed to the program. ” AHCDFE provides feedback to citizens. In particular, when there are calls for unreasonable closure of territories from issuance, we conduct an audit. If the information is confirmed, then we send relevant recommendations to the leadership of the region,” Denis Kuzin, Deputy Director General of the AHCDFE, said.

“Together with the significant expansion of the territories available under the Far Eastern Hectare program, the new mechanism of the law obliges authorities to provide citizens with alternative land plots, if their first choice is refused. To date, refusal from the program is less than three percent – the refusal occurs only if the citizen does not want to take up the suggested alternative plot,” Denis Kuzin said. “This was made possible through a targeted approach to training authorized bodies to work with the updated legislation.” In preparation for the entry into force of amendments in the law on the “Far Eastern hectare”, AHCDFE conducted appropriate webinars on the application of new provisions of the law.

Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East Alexander Galushka repeatedly stressed the importance of adopting amendments to the law on “Far Eastern hectare”. “Expansion of territories is the main point of the new amendments. After the expansion of the areas for “Far Eastern hectares”, opportunities have appeared to attract new residents to the Far East.”

Recall that from February 1, 2017, every citizen of Russia can get a free use of a plot of land in the Far East. According to the law, the land plot is granted for 5 years under a free use contract. After 5 years the site can be rented or registered as property. To date, there have been 105,000 applications for “Far Eastern hectares”, and already more than 32,000 citizens have received land for use.

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