Declaration and protection of the Family Homestead idea

Every day we thank God for living in our Family Homestead.

In the previous article, “Ecovillages or Family Homesteads?”, we considered one of the dangerous deceptions actively proposed by the forces of anti-rationality in the recent past — to rename Family Homestead Settlements as “eco-settlements” to make the world community recognise the Family Homestead movement.

On this matter, a sad anecdote was composed:

The patient (Europe) comes to the doctor (Russia) and says, “Doctor, doctor treat me! I have addiction, prostitution, LGBT, the soils are destroyed, there are no forests, the meaning of life is lost, and children are not being born. Come on, treat me, I am ill, I am suffering.”

And the doctor answers, “How can I treat you? After all, you’re guiding me! That means I’m planning to get sick with all the same illnesses that you have. After all, you are my ideal!”

It would be funny if the situation were not so sad. Whenever we are called to focus on the achievements of the world community, the so-called cultural advancement of Europe, I want to ask, what kind of achievements do we want to take as our role model? The diseases of society listed above? Maybe one should not try so hard to get sick with all the same illnesses?

We will return to this topic, and now consider another deception that recently appeared on the horizon of Family Homestead inhabitants. It is connected with surveying the hectare of land to optimize taxes and registering houses within the framework of existing legislation. There are known cases of dividing hectares into smallholdings, subdivisions, portioning the property, or leasing part of it – people tried to gain, lower their taxes, and arrange houses for the purpose of subsequent registration.

The result was sharply negative – taxes were raised. However, no one wants to learn from other people’s mistakes, everyone wants to bang on the stone wall themselves. Figuratively speaking, Family Homesteads can be compared to a train rapidly flying into the future yet there are always those who want consciously or unconsciously to obstruct this movement, move the arrows and redirect the train back to the past.

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When we ask the residents of the Family Homestead Settlement affected by this hectare surveying, we heard the following explanation: “The administration stuffed up. The administration is to blame.”

There is also therefore the judgment that the legal scheme was bad, causing the failure, but that we will do a good one, and we will succeed. On the other hand, carefully considering this situation, we in fact came to the conclusion that the deep reason lies in the actions of the settlers themselves, who allowed themselves to survey their hectares and thus abandoned one of the fundamental principles of the Family Homestead – the indivisibility of the Homestead territory.

You can also hear this notion: “We just wrote that on paper, but the Family Homestead is in our soul.” This idea makes me want to ask the question, why not fix on paper what lives in the soul? Why go crooked ways? It’s better straight! In Russia, the saying goes – “What is written with a pen, you can not cut out with an ax.” Well, we do not have any idle or senseless proverbs.

To survey your homestead hectare into zones, trying to develop a convenient scheme using legislation seems tactically advantageous, convenient and correct in the moment. However, in the strategic plan, it is an absolutely disastrous step. We already know from the previous situation — the attempts to rename Family Homesteads as “eco-settlements” — that nothing good can be done there, even up to the tragic death of the leaders of the two settlements who tried to lead their settlements along this path.

In the right mind and with solid memory, the reasoning is not difficult to understand, without even going into the small details. Nothing good can come from surveying a hectare into zones precisely because it is a violation of the fundamental principles of the Family Homestead. These are games in the field of anti-rationality, and the result is known in advance. In the field of anti-reason, there is only anti-reason.

If we remember that at the very beginning of the movement, Anastasia recommended taking the land on any terms – it was really so. But we should not confuse this with the fact that now the settlement of Family Homesteads is being transformed into cottage settlements, garden associations, etc. Motivated by the fact that it is necessary to take shape at least somehow. This “somehow” is a very important point. It seems to be nothing special, but in essence, this is a rejection of her dream, a voluntary exit from the protection of the great idea of ​​Family Homesteads with all the ensuing consequences, which is unfortunately not realized by a large part of the Family Homestead Settlement residents.

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Consider the topic of the settlers’ communication with the local administration. Over prolonged communication, we got the impression that the administration which did not understand and even refused to delve into the idea of ​​Family Homesteads in words, in fact nevertheless very much respected the settlers for the fact that they often live without registration and paperwork, yet follow their ideals. This very much touches the employees of the administration, but let’s not forget that they are also living people and at heart, maybe they also dream of living like that. In private conversations, and not in the offices, they often talk about it.

In the Caucasus there is a concept – to live on the “esdel”. According to the “esdel” (ideally), people live high in the mountains. According to local concepts, those who went to cities can not live like this. Now let’s imagine that we come to the official who sends you off with his words, and respects you in his heart, but then you come and put these right profitable surveying schematics to him. What should he feel? Disappointment. He believed in you, as in people who actually follow their ideals, but you turned out to be the same as everyone else: you also need all that stuff, and like everyone – to earn money. What kind of respect can we talk about next?

At the same time, the idea of ​​Family Homesteads really has a powerful talisman, if people sincerely follow it. Such a feeling that the ancestors themselves help us when we sincerely follow it and try to live, as they lived. And they lived like this. Here we will quote an excerpt from NS Leskov’s work “The Unfatigable Golovan” – it is very good:

“Uncle all the more liked to lead me to the incidents in which his judicial practice showed folk folly.”

I remember the luxurious, warm evening that we spent with my uncle in the Orel governor’s garden, engaged, I must confess, already exhausted by my dispute about the properties and qualities of the Russian people. I unfairly claimed that the people are very clever, and my uncle can be even more unjust, insisted that the people are very stupid, that he has absolutely no concepts about the law, about property and in general the people of Aziats, who can surprise anyone with their wildness.

“And,” he said, “you, my dear sir, confirm: if your memory has preserved the situation of the city, then you must remember that we have gullies, settlements and settlements that the devil knows and who was assigned to the buildings. All this in several ways destroyed the fire, and in place of the old shacks the same new ones were built, and now no one can know who is here by what right sits?

The thing was that when the city that had rested from the fires began to be arranged and some people began to buy plots in the neighborhoods behind the church of Basil the Great, it turned out that the sellers not only had no documents, but that these owners and their ancestors considered all sorts of Documents as completely superfluous. The house and the mestish rose to this time from hand to hand without any statement to the authorities and without any dues and duties to the treasury, and all this, they say, was written in them in some kind of “cunning”, but “kiting” this one in one of the innumerable Fires burned, and the one who led her – died; And with this, all traces of their rights have been dealt with. True, there were no disputes on the right of possession, but all this had no legal effect, but it was held that if Protasov said that his father had bought a house from the late grandfather Tarasov, then the Tarasovs did not contest Protasov’s rights; But as now the rights were required, there is no right, and the conscientious judge had to decide firsthand whether the crime was caused by law or the law created a crime.

But why does it surprise you that our people then avoided the merchant fortresses, but just wrote the sales in notebooks? This will also open up a lot. The orderly were afraid, but their people believed, and that’s it. “

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For 15 years on FHS Kovcheg there were several “raids” up to the threat of demolition by bulldozers and every time at the last moment these “arrivals” magically retreated somewhere. It is not clear how, by whose hand this is not clear, the situation turned in favor of the settlers, who still live and enjoy life – which is all they want. Anyone who started to make a survey, I would like to advise – to sit still and think in a calm environment, whether it is worth it to give up the protection of the idea of ​​Family Homesteads — the most powerful protecting force — for the sake of immediate benefits.

I would like to separate the property issue from the philosophical point of view. If a person built a house, dug a pond, laid a garden, planted a vegetable garden, planted a living being, generally equipped his plot, then whose all this? Of course it is his. Can we say that this is his property? Of course you can.

However, when we regard property as a legal concept, nuances arise that fill this word with completely different meanings. You can say things which are far from common sense.

Anyone who read the books of the series “Ringing Cedars of Russia” even once faced the phrase that “God gave man everything from the beginning and with abundance.” So it is asked: did he give or did not give? All or not all? Then who is this person who is trying to convince us that we need to have “property”? Theoretically, property is the possession of some material object, on which taxes are imposed. By paying taxes, the owner finances, feeds the person who handed this property to him, and in return he undertakes to defend the rights of the owner in case of disputable moments. But does it really happen? In the event of a dispute, a person goes to court and begins to spend a lot of money to pay for the process. Why is this so? After many years of systematic tax payments, he has already expressed his loyalty and forwarded all actions to protect his property. This is the first question.

The second is that we all know perfectly well that if there is a dispute between a large owner and a small proprietor, on whose side will the state be? Of course, on the side of the big owners. The shark will always eat a small fry. And the state is interested in this.

The third point – in the event of a dispute between the owner and the state – the largest owner – there are no options at all. In the construction of the Moscow Ring Road around Moscow or the construction of stadiums for the Olympics in Sochi, residents of houses that were in the exclusion zone were simply handed in orders for apartments in other areas and appointed the day of the move. You can argue as many as you want. Let’s emphasize that property is your consent to a life situation in which you have to pay something all the time. Perhaps, this is its main true essence in the modern world? So is there any slightest sense, the slightest objective benefit to be the owner? Or maybe it’s cheaper for them not to be? Most likely, this is an illusion in the modern world, which is designed to create in man an illusory sense of superiority and self-satisfaction, a means of dividing people – “I’m the cool owner, but he is not. He is below me.”

We were led to such reflections by the idea of ​​perfecting the dwelling land, where it is clearly stated: it is possible to evaluate the utility or uselessness, necessity or uselessness of laws invented by people, based on the expediency of their process of improving the habitat. From numerous conversations with the inhabitants of other settlements, one can conclude that people are now very much staggering and demolishing various attractive options, and only a minority are firmly and stubbornly standing for the idea of ​​Family Homesteads. It is thanks to these hardened settlements that they exist and continue their forward movement.

When our youngest daughter studied ballet, еру professor of choreography, an elderly lady explained how to stand. “The supporting leg is the hostess. Stand like a ram on a supporting leg,” she repeated in every lesson. A very good recommendation for settlers – that’s how to stand for the idea of ​​Family Homesteads. If you are scared – stay even so. If they really scare you – go out into the middle of your Homestead, say aloud aloud: “Thank you God that I live in my Family Homestead.” And no bulldozer, determined to demolish you, will never reach you. On the way it will get stuck.

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Recently, after reading the 10th book, “Anasta”, we turned our attention to the chapter “Declaration of the Family Homestead”. We also wondered how, obeying a stream of momentary daily affairs, we still haven’t written one? We dropped everything, sat down, and wrote.

We quote: “Over time, this document (the declaration of the Family Homestead), which has already received its own life, evoked in me an ever growing sense of significance. There was a feeling that it was not a passport, a diploma or some awards, but such a declaration is the main document of a person. ”

We, as well as V. N. Megre, realized the exceptional importance of the document and consider it a testimony for the person himself and his entourage about being in the territory of Reason. If a lot of families living in their Family Homesteads do the same — postpone business, concentrate and write a declaration — then it will be a collective thought. The personal contribution of each to the creation of the image of Family Homesteads.

Dear settlers, we beg you to do this! Write your personal declaration, beautifully decorate it and hang it in your house, tell your neighbors about it, send copies to all possible instances: the President of the Russian Federation (copies to the Presidential Administration), the All-Russia People’s Front and any other organizations to whom you intend to voice your intentions. Conduct meetings in your settlements, where everyone can read their declarations aloud. You can make stands in your Common House with copies of declarations from each site. Help to compile and publish in print the elderly people who do not own a computer, their declarations. Offer to do this to everyone, even those who are not very keen on the books of V. N. Megre. According to our observations, there are categories of people in the settlements that criticize the books, but their sites are still considered Family Homesteads. Let them write. In the process of writing, they have a chance to become more aware of the meaning of their presence in the settlement of Family Homesteads.

For those who do not understand the meaning of the word – the declaration, we explain, the root of this word Latin – “claro” – is clear. Thus, the declaration is an explanation, a clarification, an explanation of one’s intentions. You can take as a model the declaration in the 10th book “Anasta”. You can write your feelings and thoughts. In Kovcheg FHS, many settlers supported this idea and began to create their declarations.

We ask and we propose to support this movement. Tell your friends about it in other settlements with whom you communicate.

The Gornayev family, 02/06/2017.

News of the Family Party.

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