The Year 2016, FHS Veselaya Slobodka, Ukraine

It was a good year. Our good traditions continued. We have grown again! A few more families found their land here in our little Sloboda, and decided to create their homestead. A few more children were born into the families of our settlers. For the first time, a special miracle occurred – our neighbors had charming twins.

Now a whole company of mothers (and sometimes fathers) go for walks with their children. This year, we started the construction of a children’s playground near the Common House. Dads made a swing and a shop, mothers and children decorated them.

The Common House was full of work throughout the year. You could often hear the sound of working tools. Several perks have passed, the next stage of construction has been completed. And on weekends, the sound of a ball came from the volleyball court on the common ground.

Already in this year, 2016, the first event took place under the roof of the Common House – a solo concert of Timothy Khatimlyansky. All the attendees, from small to large, were very satisfied.

There were different life situations in which our neighbors had the opportunity to show and showed their responsiveness, organization, kindness, ingenuity, resourcefulness and courage. There was a fire on the neighboring farm, and we had to repair the roads (one of the most ambitious tasks we’ve conducted), and various breakdowns of equipment and other disorders.

In 2016 we started another project necessary for life in the settlement – the Safety Project.

Another innovation was our field lessons. Thanks to the initiative and diligence of the family of Nadia and Arsen, an entertaining lesson in biology was held for the fun-loving children and guests. Both children and parents learned a lot of new and interesting things, conducted experiments and studied the microcosm.

This year was more fun and joyful, because more holidays were held. The traditional spring holiday brought together neighbors and guests and gave rise to the active season after the winter holidays. In summer there was also a traditional children’s birthday. Once again our settlement took part in the Family Homestead holiday in Pirogovo. In the autumn there was an unforgettable bright fair. A New Year’s “two-part” holiday is still being discussed by its participants.

In the annals of the Vesyolaya Sloboda, 2016 will remain a bright and interesting page. Each family has added to the common events its own, significant and special.

The appearance of the whole Vesyolaya Sloboda has changed – new buildings, houses and ponds have appeared. The trees grew still higher. The children grew up and were born. The family of our neighbors changed. In them, one more year of joy and love.

And in the coming year there will be many events. Joyful and very happy. We will create and live them together, dear neighbors!