Meeting minutes, 29 July 2018

Ringing Cedars – Australia readers group
meeting via Skype was held
Sunday 29 July 2018 8am EST


Group website set up by Kemble:
Has mail list, news translated from Russian.
Encourage all group members to join there so we have a separate contact list from Facebook.

Suggested platforms for larger group calls   – Someone needs a paid subscription to host the calls. We could do this if membership to the party had a small membership fee.  – worked out more expensive than zoom

Veche (pronounced vi-eh-cheh)
Start work on the constitution so we have a structure and an identity. Then people know what they are joining.
Do our research on what is required for a political party in Australia so we are drafting the constitution to fit into this from the beginning and won’t need as many amendments later.
Also means what we represent is clear and consistent in every interaction with the public = higher integrity which builds trust.

Kemble explained Veche has no centre of power. All must agree before something can go ahead. Any who go against the majority are asked how they can be “brought into the fold”. Sometimes they are out of alignment. Sometimes they have a different perspective that no one else had considered and, once considered, changes everyone’s perspective so, all opinions can be beneficial.
Veche may need a small group of delegates who can represent the interests of the group in the larger field (state or federal negotiations). Chairperson is useful to run the meetings, keep them on track and concluding in moving forward with some action or plan. Will also need secretary and treasurer.

There will be various points that need to be determined so everyone is clear how processes work.
eg – priorities and objectives, goals to achieve, personnel, how to join, circumstances when a member is removed, accounting reconciliation, how decisions are made, how it functions, how often we meet, who has the power, who carries out the actions on behalf of the group, who represents the group in public etc.
More research for the group to do on what is presently used in Australia and templates we can follow to make our own bespoke version. Then we can start a draft, pass it around the action group for suggestions and get some final advice from Kemble’s father who is a lawyer.

Flo had some interesting articles and books to recommend. Notes and links to come.

Consciousness does not originate from the brain:
Divine nutrition method
1920’s study of orphans choosing their own diet and coming out healthier than average
Anthony Williams Medical Medium article on inaccurate press about auto-immune disease or genes creating illness.

The power of dreaming
Group decided it was a good idea to collectively focus on one image at 7am each morning for a week (use your own time zone) to add energy to the potential.

First week: The Family Party being the most popular growing party in the country, highly influential in creating change for the populace. It’s ideas are spreading throughout the world like a major hit song.

Second week: Looking across broad landscapes seeing legally settled family homesteads everywhere, love radiating from each one.

Third week: Individuals happy and healthy growing their own food. Everyone supports the right of individuals and families to choose to live this way.

Fourth week: People and animals living in harmony and peace. All creatures of the world are helping humans and happy in their clean abundant environment.

Action plan
Svetlana: Look for Russian templates we can base our constitution on
Kemble: first draft of constitution to circulate by email
Annabelle: Look at Constitution of current political parties in Australia to compare and see if we are missing anything
Flo: read rules of setting up a political party in Oz

Next meeting 8am Sunday 26 August via skype

Thanks to Annabelle for taking minutes.