Vladimir Megre congratulates you on Earth Day, 23 July 2018


Vladimir Megre: Hello, my dear friends, dear readers, creators of family homesteads. There are many different problems in the family homesteads, there are disputes, misunderstandings, like in every family. And nevertheless, since it’s a holiday, I think that we will forgive each other. Well, not everything, of course, but towards forgiveness. Some kind of progress. Once people have made this progress, they will not repeat the mistakes again. And then we will have a more familiar and friendly team, and the collective is already large — more than 400 settlements consisting of family homesteads.

Yes, you yourself know everything. And now I’m leading this report, I’m talking to you from my homestead. Why am I doing this? Because I have a little joy and I want to share it with you. This is where I stand now, do you think? The unfinished house, here there will be a fine window with carved frames and so on and so on. There will be a pipe, there will be a sign that says “Ringing Cedars of Russia”, there will be a glass window, there will be flowers on the windowsill, but what’s the point? That this is not just a house, but an entrance, the entrance to the homestead.

Remember we said that the homestead should be everything, not just a room with a roof and so on? The entire hectare should be a person’s home. And for this to happen, you need to somehow emphasize that this is the whole house. So I made this kind of entrance in the shape of a house. I’ll show you how this works. Here I drive up by car, I turn here, and the house opens like this (here the wire is hindering me), that door also opens. And it turns into the entrance to the homestead. Then it closes again and becomes a house. And from that side, too.

I’ll also point out to you the boundary here. Here is the homestead of Medikov, and here is the boundary between my homestead and Medikov’s. People treat their boundaries differently, some just grow grass, but I made a road around my entire homestead. I don’t drive a car on the territory of my homestead, but now I can drive to any point at the edge of my homestead, on a horse, a car and so on. Since this is common ground, Viktor Yakovlevich can also take advantage of this road, drive up to his homestead or bring things, materials. The nuances here are very important, and I think they are interesting. I think that no one in the world has a gate like this.

There’s also a pipe under here. This is so-called “land improvement”. Since there is clay here — well, a 40 centimetre layer of fertile soil, and then clay — water hangs around for a long time, so therefore I laid pipe there about five years ago and it worked perfectly, the road is always dry. And I want to say that this road is also good because the road is well-made with no grass, not a single bit, so it works as a firebreak. Because the grass dries up if it is not cut and cleaned. The slightest spark can catch fire, and then the trees catch alight, and so on and so forth. But that can’t happen here.

I want to wish you, everyone who lives on a homestead, good health, good relationships, good mood and, of course, love. And I also want to say: you know, there are different difficulties in life, and recently the situation in our political Party worried me very much. I watched what was happening, and I understood that I had to do something, had to intervene in some way. And it really, really upset me.

But when I came to the homestead… I can’t come here very often, but when I came this time to my homestead, I forgot about everything that’s happening with the party, the troubles… the troubles… everything is forgotten here, because you have so much to think about! You need to think about every corner, which is what I am doing now. Congratulations again. Hooray all, and ahead we will have only a bright future, ahead be good! Bye.

Published in Russian on 23 July 2018