Charter of Родная Партия, Family Party – Russia

at the First Congress of the Party on 26 October 2012
with changes and additions
adopted at the Third Congress on 3 April 2016
and at the Fifth Congress on 9 April 2017


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“If there is no party capable of passing a law so that each person can have a homeland, then such a party must be created.”
Vladimir Megre, Vol. 4 “Co-Creation”, Ch. 26 “Each can build their home today”


  1. Values and principles of the FAMILY PARTY.
  2. Goals of the FAMILY PARTY.
  3. Tasks of the FAMILY PARTY.
  4. Methods for implementing goals and solving problems.



1. Values and principles of Родная Партия

We, Родная Партия, affirm that:

LOVE can be preserved forever in your own Family Homestead, on your native land.

WELLBEING is, first of all, a good state, a state of love that is attainable only in one’s Family Homestead.

MANAGEMENT [governance] must be built on the principle that everyone can manage [govern their own] life.

EDUCATION should promote the integral development of the individual and be directed to the development of figurative thinking, to the creation of personal and collective images and their embodiment.

HOMELAND can be felt and realized when you settle [establish, equip, fit out] and improve the little bit of it.

The activities of the state, public organizations and each person should be aimed at PERFECTING THE DWELLING LAND [environment, habitat]

Родная Партия asserts that every person is a creator by nature and the creator of their destiny.

The desire to CREATE one’s own Dimension of Love makes a person Native.

A FAMILY HOMESTEAD is a piece of the Homeland which can be passed on by inheritance and is thus preserved forever for one’s descendants. The Family Homestead, like the Homeland, can not be bought or sold. Products produced in the Homestead cannot be taxed. The Family Homestead is a Dimension of Love. Plants planted with a good hand preserve the energy of Love. The descendants of the Homeland, feeling this, continue what they started, perfecting their plot from generation to generation.

Родная Партия believes that the Constitutional Rights of the individual to life, health, work, housing, etc. should be implemented practically and legally enshrined in the form of a law that provides each citizen with a piece of land for the creation of a Family Homestead — a plot on which a citizen can build a house, plant a garden and raise their children.

The images of the FAMILY HOMESTEAD, LOVE, WELLBEING, MANAGEMENT [government, administration], EDUCATION [imaging], HOMELAND, HUMAN BEING and CREATION constitute the ideology of the FAMILY PARTY and the basis of a new world outlook for society.

Родная Партия intends to cooperate with all citizens of the country, public and religious organizations, foundations and political parties whose activities are aimed at perfecting the dwelling land.


2. Goals of Родная Партия

  1. Creation of conditions for the implementation of a complete concept that can return to the people a way of life and rituals capable of preserving love in families forever.
  2. Perfection of the dwelling land.
  3. Creating a foundation for the wellbeing of the state, which harmoniously unites families, living always in love with strong health, prosperity and a clean environment.


3. Tasks of Родная Партия

In order to achieve the set goals, we, Родная Партия, set ourselves the following tasks:

  1. To legislate the right of each family to a plot of land one hectare or larger, a Family Homestead, to create on it a family Dimension of Love — a small homeland for future children. The Homeland cannot be bought, sold (including pledged or leased), taxed by any taxes, divided between heirs, or seized for the needs of the state. The Family Homestead will be provided indivisibly for the inherited use of the family.
  2. Restoration of the surrounding environment by combining political, social, economic forces, including various [religious] denominations.
  3. Change of consciousness and attitude of people from being consumers who expect solutions and various kinds of support and assistance from Government authorities, to active people where each citizen of the country participates in improving both their own personal life and the life of the state. The main result of these actions is to understand what Homeland means for every person living today and the future of the whole Earth.
  4. Creation of a new conditions for the activities of those people on whom we depend to pass correct, timely and relevant laws, bylaws and orders of the Russian Federation that affect the level of independence, security and wellbeing.


4. Methods for implementing goals and solving problems

To implement the goals of the party’s activities and the stated tasks, Родная Партия initiates:

  • Creation and implementation of new laws, the introduction of national holidays, activating the spirit and mood of the people
  • Creation of new settlements consisting of Family Homesteads
  • Creation of living conditions in each settlement of this new type upon the principle of self-sufficiency and economic independence of each Family
  • Creation in each settlement of schools of a new type, allowing to accelerate thought, develop awareness and creativity
  • Writing and adoption of the Law “On Restoration of the Surrounding Environment”, which enables every citizen of the country to take all possible part in perfecting the dwelling land [improving the living environment] of their family and the state as a whole
  • Writing and promoting of the Law “On Family and Love”, which will allow to strengthen the principles of maintaining the balance of power, health and wellbeing of the family at the legislative level, directly connected with simple means [ways] in each family for education about love, suited to different generations, lands, homelands, kind speech and all living creatures.

FAMILY PARTY aims to increase morality and family values through simple actions and people’s participation in nation-wide affairs, restoring the spirit and significance of each person and demonstrating the power of love. The return of love to families will gradually remove the need for orphanages, nursing and disabled homes, the increasing finance for hospitals, increasing pensions, etc. Russia will be enriched by the growth of lovers and happy appearances of people from among those families who can radiate happiness and love with the prosperity and comfortable coexistence of all family members.

Restoring morality, the appearance of healthy, happy and sincere relationships, and strong family love should prevail in advertising and media, blossoming with each such family of the state. Understanding and respect for lovers leads to the necessity that families each have a space where the power of their senses can not only be preserved but also multiplied.

In Russia, this is quite possible without global investment by adopting the “Law on Family Homesteads”, which will consolidate the foundations for the creation, obtaining and development of the Family Homestead – a plot of land one hectare or larger, transferred by the state to each citizen with the right of inheritance, but without the right to buy or sell. The choice of a plot of land, its arrangement, including the construction of a dwelling house, the establishment of a garden, forest and pond must be done at the personal discretion of each citizen and at his own expense.

This will reduce government spending on the social and cultural provision of families, as well as health services in connection with the natural strengthening of health, healthy eating, etc. since the way of life in the Family Homestead is aimed at changing to the BEST level of consciousness, health and human wellbeing. The Family Homestead, in fact, will be a small homeland for every Russian family.

To popularize the ideas of Family Homesteads, exchange experiences and find one’s other half, to create a family and live in settlements consisting of Family Homesteads, the FAMILY PARTY plans to hold concerts at each of its conferences and congresses and organize meetings to create strong and loving families.

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  1. Very excellent! It reminds me of the American “Back to the Land” Hippie movrment in the 60s-70s. Glad to see its resurgence.

    But it still has a political ring to it. The real goals and means are spiritual. There is an Inner Government in place now. All we need to do is “recognize” it for it to become even more effective.

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