Blokhina Family Homestead. One hectare of untilled soil. Where to begin?

Elena Blokhina
22 November 2017

What would we do differently now if we started all over again? Probably the same way as we began, only sped up, shrunk in time.

We began to plant a perimeter plot, made the initial layout of the plot and planted a variety of fruit and ornamental plants inside the area. We bought plants and seedlings, and planted them in large quantities along the road to the homestead, our parents and friends on their dachas grew plants from seeds, which we continue to do to this day.

Undoubtedly, we need a summer house, which will be comfortable from early spring until late autumn. To start, it is a convenient place to store garden tools. We want to hide from the heat, from the rain and wind, and also relax without unusual insects. At the beginning they annoyed us very much. Now, for some reason, they don’t. We want to shoot a separate video about the summer house.

We did everything simultaneously and at the same time consistently. It is very important to plant a vegetable garden as soon as possible if you want to move in to live in the future before too long. And the garden is also important. It will be necessary to have two lives: in the city, and in the homestead plot.

With the development of the site, we were hindered by tall grass, so we got a regular scythe and soon after a gasoline trimmer, which helped us a lot and helps to this day. Already much later, we bought a powerful VIKING lawn mower. This greatly facilitated our work, and the development of the site went faster. First we mow manually with the scythe, then we follow with the mower and grass collector. And the mulch it makes – it’s great!

We began to plant the garden gradually, with years of growing more and more new beds. At our place all the beds are made on untilled land: in boxes and warm. Very fertile. About warm beds, maybe one day I’ll make another movie, we want it badly. The labor time is a bit, not very high, but most importantly, digging is not necessary, and the return in the form of a crop can be seen at once.

We didn’t make pits for the fruit trees at all (for no real reason), which is now very regrettable. We simply planted them and slightly mulched them all! The fruit trees froze in growth for several years, how did they even stay alive? It is better to make pits, and mulch them very well, than to be later engaged in bringing them back to life.

Do not rush to master all the land at once, start with a little bit, and then understanding will come. When you arrive at the site, try to feel with the soul, and you will understand how best to do. After all, we ourselves began to live in the homestead only on the 12th year of arranging it. Difficulties will be required, but it will be very healthy!

Translation by Kemble Dawson Walker
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