Vladimir Megre about authorized editions

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Vladimir Megre readers conference in New York City, 23 July 2016.


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V. N. Megre: Actually I have to warn you, there are… there have been a couple of books that have been published that talk about Anastasia. There are several websites, supposedly created in the U.S. that are called “Vladimir Megre” and the “Ringing Cedars”, which I have no relation to.

When we asked those people who registered the domains for those sites, they asked for ten thousand dollars to sell the domains to us. There are books published in the U.S. but I don’t get any profits from them because I don’t know who’s publishing them.

Now we’re trying to solve this and figure this out, what’s going on. There is one organisation through which you can receive the most reliable information, that’s the Anastasia Fund. This is my site. Here you can get all the most reliable information. There is also a group on Facebook. You can also approach afterwards with all the information.

This is a really good idea, let’s figure out how we can get it done, because like I said, there are books that are published in the U.S. and I’m not receiving any money from them. […]

Question from the audience (1): I have a question about the unauthorised books you had mentioned. Most of us are here of course because we have read either the books with the black covers or the books with the drawings on them, which are … obviously, I want to have the authorised versions. But what do we do? What are the author’s wishes, what are your wishes for the unauthorised versions that most of us probably have?

V. N. Megre: [each sentence translated into English by a translator standing next to him] I’m trying to contact these people, I’m trying to understand what to do, because they’re misinforming… they’re supplying false information to you, they … pretty much, they broke the law. The worst thing that these people did, who published the books and opened the sites, they broke that channel of communication, especially within the U.S. and me. So we need to figure out what to do in this situation, and how to find them and talk to them.

So I had an agreement to publish books here. About five years ago, that agreement, that contract, ended. When I came here last time, I bought books that were published here. And these books are still published. Even right now you can walk into a bookstore and buy them.

On the one hand, maybe it’s a good thing that they did, because these books got to you. You actually got to read them. But on the other hand, they broke that channel of communication with the readers in Russia and the readers in the U.S, and the author and the readers in the U.S. So we’ll figure this out.

Question from the audience (2): My question has to do with these new translations and the old translations. I have a lot of respect for both the editor and the translator of the books that I read, which are the black cover and the one with the drawing. I had a great feeling in relation to this old translation. It inspired me to create a kin’s domain.

I also read the new translation partway through, and there are some language changes that don’t give the same feeling, for instance, “Kin’s Domain” and “Family Homestead”. In Russia, when you say “home”, you say “Dom”, and it provides the feeling of something much larger that invites the ancestors in. But “Homestead” has a different etymology, and relates to something being leased or rented. So my question, when Anastasia said that there was a time that she wouldn’t be able to help you, is that time over?

V. N. Megre: I don’t think so.

Questioner: Because I have a feeling that when we discuss this with her, there might be some great inspiration and clearing of a lot of these dark forces that are involved in these disputes.

V. N. Megre: So you feel that the older translation was better?

Questioner: I feel that it… I… From my experience it gave me a greater feeling of inspiration. For instance, the word “chelovek”, and the word “Man”.

V. N. Megre: You can list a lot of examples of the different translations… So you believe that the older translation was a little better?

Questioner: I wouldn’t use the word “believe”, I would use the word, the feeling it created in me.

V. N. Megre: Perhaps you might be right that the old translation was a little better, maybe we should do a third translation.

Questioner: I don’t know. What I’m suggesting, or what my thought is, is that when this time period’s over, and we may bring this to Anastasia.

V. N. Megre: You know, I’m not just a robot who’s being controlled by Anastasia. She hasn’t prevented me from smoking, for instance. I also do other things, she hasn’t stopped me from doing those. And some people say, maybe it’s a good thing, because if she stopped me from doing all the things I want to do, then I’d be like a zombie. So books are kind of my thing, my business, it’s something I need to do.

This second translation… I asked my daughter to find another translator, a better translator. She found two translators, Marian Schwartz and Susan Downing. So there were two translators, you know, and they got paid, and one did some and the other did the rest, so let’s all together find another third translator to translate.

Questioner: [interjecting; not translated into Russian for V. N. Megre] Or maybe we could resolve the conflict between the old translators.

V. N. Megre: Maybe what we should have done was to translate one book, or a few chapters, and then disseminate that through the internet to see how people like it. So whether they feel more energy or inspiration from the new translation.

But there is an interesting phenomenon. The first book, we didn’t have much money to publish it. The first book was really thin, there were no colour pictures in there, there were plenty of errors, but those who read it said that that first edition was the best. Because that was the first thing for them, that was first book. Thank you, we will be working on that.

Question from the audience (3): [in Russian, translated into English by the translator] It’s not really a question, I’m just going to add to what this lady said. In Los Angeles they translated the word from God as an answer to Anastasia and I think that was a big mistake. So there was a Russian expression… So there was an incorrect translation where the translator translated into “I’m tired” instead of “I will survive”, so… yes.

V. N. Megre: We will try to work on that together.


Thanks to Gabriel Miguel for the video!