Translating родовое поместье

“Family homestead” is a better and more accurate translation of родовое поместье (rodovoe pomestye) into English. Let me present my arguments.

First, поместье is not an entirely new word. It has a historical meaning, similar to “homestead” (USA) and “estate” (UK), regarding an allotted plot of land to be developed by the recipient as a service to the state. It has a historical record. What’s new with Anastasia’s idea is the word combination. She’s describing a new kind of поместье which is exclusively for and by one’s own family line (род).

родовое поместье 
family homestead
family estate

Likewise the family homestead is not an ordinary homestead; the family estate is not an ordinary estate. They are for and by the whole family, they promote love in families, gather one’s family line together in one place on the Earth.

‘Family homestead’ is a word-combination backed by the most powerful of images, images capable of settling a person in a Divine dwelling land.

Anastasia, Bk10 Ch15

Second, I have talked with lawmakers, academics and leaders in business and society in my English-speaking country, Australia. I completed a Master of Sustainability at the University of Sydney where I elaborated the “family homestead” idea to academics for 18 months (you can see one of my articles here). These experiences showed me that the phrase “family homestead” is effective. It requires no explanation. It evokes a similar image to the definition of родовое поместье given by Anastasia. “Kin domain” doesn’t work the same way. It sounds foreign and unusual, failing to evoke clear imagery or earn the respect of a skeptical reader. I found that “Family Homestead” is a precise term which is necessary to gain the trust of an audience.

Third, the professional, experienced native-English-speaking translators hired by the author agree with me — they used the phrase “family homestead” throughout the authorised edition. Alas, “kin domain” is the invention of a foreigner; it is quaint but sounds bizarre. With respect, a non-native speaker of English cannot possibly understand the full nuance of our language, or the precise image-associations that are called up by different words in our society. My native experiments and research spanning several years have confirmed over and over again that “family homestead” is a far, far better translation of родовое поместье. Of course I would not lecture you on your word-choice in Russian, it is strange that Russian or other foreign speakers would expect to have superior knowledge of the subtle nuances of English language.

Fourth, the phrase “kin domain” was invented by a person who proved to be an unscrupulous operator. This person neglected to honour their agreemeent with the author Vladimir Megre, and then sold the business to greedy folk who have essentially stolen copyright of the books from the author. Their movement is an impostor, and has, under the influence of psychic sabotage, misrepresented the Ringing Cedars books and family homestead movement.

Fifth, “domain” has no image-association with a specific plot of land. “Domain” refers to a large or generalised area under the command of a sovereign, or in modern times, whimsically or poetically to describe the land that one owns. By contrast, поместье is a of a large plot of land on which a rural family lives, and especially the house and gardens.

Let us see an image-search reference for “поместье”:

Compare with “homestead”

Compare with “estate”

Do I really need to pollute our website with a screenshot of the results for “domain”? Click for yourself if you really want to experience it. By this measure, “homestead” or “estate” is a more accurate translation of поместье. Notice also the difference between a normal поместье (big grand house and grounds) and a родовое поместье, which is just enough for one family and no hired or indentured labour:

Finally, the family homestead idea requires that we create draft legislation, publication to a mass audience, and active discussion within the public sphere. These domains of public life (here can you see the correct application of “domain” in English?) absolutely require precise and correct terminology. One cannot write a law in words with different meaning to what is intended, that would be duplicitous. Instead let’s use correct terminology and protect the image of the family homestead.

In English, “domain” does not mean a plot of land. Yet, поместье does mean a plot land, like “homestead” or “estate”. I understand that no translation is 100% accurate, but we must use the most accurate translation. 

Despite interference from the highest levels, I will continue to protect our family homestead image. I am Anastasia’s foot soldier and I stand beside Vladimir Megre, Volodya and the many other creators of family homesteads in our mission. The dark forces have tried to spoil our movement but they have failed. They know it. The battle was without battle and a beautiful future is emerging on the planet Earth.

Kemble Dawson Walker

Bachelor of Arts, Columbia University in the City of New York
Master of Sustainability, University of Sydney

Creator, Szasz Walker Family Homestead
Founder, Ringing Cedars – Australia