Planting cedars in the Vladimir region: an Eternal Garden


On 30 April, in the village of Vypovo, Vladimir region, we planted 120 seven-year-old cedars and about 200 acorns on land around the former Vyazemsky estate. The Vyazemsky estate is known from the books of V. Megre, the manor house in the chapter “The Eternal Garden”.

Truly this place is simply extraordinary: there are stately 170-year-old Siberian cedars that simply fascinate with their beauty, exuding an unusual coniferous scent all around. Just beside them is a fruit-bearing apple orchard, the same age as the cedars, with two ponds nearby.

Schoolchildren of Suzdal and Vladimir have previously planted cedars around the estate, which are slowly sprouting and growing. The purpose of these plantings was to protect the garden from winds and frosts, by planting oaks nearby and strengthening the place with a cedar grove.

All the trees were planted in the name of Love, Eternity and the Life of our ancestors. Nearby, we found a monument with a list of the dead soldiers from this village, and we planted cedars for the family names of each of these people.

Our little helper, seven-year-old Timothy, personally planted 24 cedars for the glory of these victors and those 24 soldiers received an invitation to Eternity from the mouth of a small but sincere person. At the end of the planting, addressing his dad, Timosha said that it was the happiest day in his life.

Tanya Shabardina

First published in Russian on 6 May 2018

and 7 May 2018