Our thoughts create the future

Not long into the third millennium, the people of Australia experienced a great awakening, recognizing the futility of the technocratic path of development. A law was passed in Australia, coming from the Prime Minister himself, to allocate one hectare of land to any citizen who wanted to create their own family homestead. Politicians correctly believed that such a law would solve the refugee crisis and provide a stable source of domestic agricultural produce in the face of fast-declining soil, water scarcity, and global shortages of artificial fertilizers.

A new generation of Australians dedicated themselves with joy to the task of making the countryside fertile, productive and beautiful for all the future generations.

People took to the land with love and enthusiasm, from all walks of life. The unemployed found new purpose, and urban businesspeople restored their souls through pure creation with nature and God. People of all professions found that their quality of thought improved in natural surrounds, and great inventions began to appear from the new settlements of family homesteads.

Creators of family homesteads, small oases of natural paradise, barely understood the great significance of their actions. They planted family trees and new forests sprung up, colorful and warm, their boughs drooping with fruit of the season.

On both degraded agricultural land and impenetrable scrub, people of the Earth devoted their minds to the task of perfecting the dwelling land. Deciduous, water-loving trees began to take over the dry bush, and forest fires became practically unknown. Small clearings appeared in rainforests, where cozy homes and vegetable gardens sustained their happy inhabitants. A new civilization emerged, inspired by the love between parents and their future generations.

Each family had access to water, either coastal streams, large rivers, or a pond, dug by hand by their founding ancestor. Sustained by the energy of love, creators of family homesteads gained their sustenance from the plants they joyfully sowed. Each leaf, seed, tuber and fruit yearned to heal and nourish them.