ONF activists went to family homesteads in Vladimir region

By Alexei Domnin
Modern estate owners of Russia – who are they and how do they live? With this issue, activists of the All-Russian People’s Front (ONF) went to check up on the “family homesteads” of the Sudogodsky district. Alexei Domnin wrote about the results.

They left the cities for the sake of unity with nature. “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” is gaining in popularity in this region, where supporters create their so-called “homesteads” (or “estates”) in ecologically clean areas. But often these assets were built spontaneously, without formal agreement. For example, this eco-friendly enclave is built on agricultural land.

Dmitry Zhuchenko, member of the regional headquarters of the ONF called this “the most important problem, fundamental, affecting all subsequent actions. This is the legalization of land plots as formal households. Up to 70% of land plots are technically agricultural land, including where residential buildings have been constructed.”

These lands in the early 90’s belonged to the collective farm which has long ceased to exist. Ten years ago, the first settlers began to settle this virgin corner of the region. Some immigrants already call themselves local residents.

Irina Khanina worked for many years as an engineer in Zelenograd. Now she owns a family homestead. “We set up a tent and gradually began to plant a garden, a hedge, plant different plants.”

According to Irina on such a life path she was inspired by the Russian writer and businessman Vladimir Megre. He wrote a series of books. Anastasia, the main heroine of these works, lives in the taiga in full harmony with nature. And now this family homestead creator lives year round in a settlement called Ladnoe. In total there are about 80 plots, on which about 200 people live. But even if agreement with nature has been achieved, compliance with the letter of the law is not quite there yet.

Irina Khanina said, “Unfortunately, our legislation is a little behind the people’s thoughts and aspirations, and we must help in this regard. It must be done so that people are not afraid to go onto the land.”

Discussions are ongoing and ONF activists are ready to act as a bridge between the city and the village. According to them, it is important not to drive people off the land, but to help develop the countryside.

Alexei Domnin, Maxim Kotov, Vesti-Vladimir

Source – GTRK Vladimir

First published in Russian on 26 June 2018

and 27 June 2018