Marina Kopenkina of the Family Party for Saratov Regional Duma!

We need the support of the readers of the series “Ringing Cedars of Russia”!

Kopenkina Marina Petrovna, a candidate for the deputies of the Saratov Regional Duma on the Volga single-mandate electoral district number 1 from the political party “FAMILY PARTY”.

Voters are registered in the Volga, October and Frunze districts of Saratov. We need to collect 2,600 signatures and deliver them on July 25 before 18:00.

We importantly need any help from our like-minded people to collect signatures:
– volunteers, like-minded persons for collecting signatures;
– attraction of friends and relatives in Saratov, who can give their signature;
– reposts and social publications on thevkontakte and facebook pages of Marina Kopenkina to attract attention;
– attracting friendly newsletters (Kedrovka, Be Good, etc.), reposts in friendly groups;
– material support.

The program, the biography and the declaration of Marina Kopenkina are placed on the main page of the site родпарт.рф.
Once we have won in one region, the FAMILY PARTY will participate in the next elections without collecting signatures.

Call the hotline 88007007164 (call within Russia without payment).