Family Party candidate achieved second place in Saratov regional elections

Kemble Dawson Walker
12 September 2017 

Candidate for the Family Party, Marina Kopenkina, finished in second place in the parliamentary election of representatives in Saratov Oblast. Kopenkina received 7422 out of a total of 37739 valid votes.

Maxim Shikhalov, the former Minister of Industry and Energy of the Saratov region, won the position with 16014 votes.

Kopenkina’s campaign centered around the concept of the Family Homestead and the Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books. In general, the Family Party exists to increase government support for the development of new family homestead settlements, including a simpler legislative framework for creating this new kind of rural settlement. Additionally, the Party aims to restore rites which are capable of preserving love in families.

“A lot of people are helping the Family Party to win elections in Saratov! From the team of our election headquarters and from each oneself, accept our words of thanks to all for your support! I thank you for your active civic position! This is a significant contribution to the bright future of our Homeland in Russia !!!” Kopenkina wrote during the campaign.

Volunteers, readers of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, attended street fairs and markets to talk about their ideas with voters, including about Anastasia and the books of Megre. Many members of the public were enthusiastic about receiving a hectare of land to tend and care for, where they could create the conditions for an ecologically clean and happy life. At the same time, financial uncertainty was cited as a deterrent.

“As a rule, of course, there are questions and doubts about financial security, but in general, many people want to live in their own house and meet the morning birdsong and the scent of flowers!” Kopenkina wrote.

The Family Party estimates that there are over a million people in Saratov region who are ready to create their Family Homestead with proper government regulation.

“I got to know this idea more than two years ago,” said Kopenkina in an online video. “And this idea immediately made us take action. We chose a piece of land, 1.5 hectares, and planted more than 300 trees and bushes. For me, the image of living in a Family Homestead addresses two main issues: healthy and strong families, and confidence in our future life.”

Readers of the Ringing Cedars series applauded Kopenkina’s efforts at a meeting in Prague on 16 September. Second place was considered a promising result for the nascent political party. Furthermore, sufficient membership signatures were collected to enable the Family Party to participate as a major party in future elections in the region.

“Such a powerful unity was demonstrated by the Family Party!” Kopenkina wrote in a post after the results were published. “For each who embodied these elections together with me – a deep bow and a kiss for everyone, I felt such powerful support and only that inspired me. The Family Party has loudly announced itself! We are strength! We will only move forward! We will bring your projects to life! We will be listened to!”

Kopenkina is continuing her work with the federal Family Party to present the idea of Family Homesteads, including a draft “Law on Family Homesteads” to the All-Russia People’s Front, the Conference on the development of Family Homesteads at Moscow State University, and to assist the development of the Family Party in other regions. Updates are available on her Facebook profile (in Russian).

Report on the work done by the Family Party in the elections in the Saratov region

Alexander Samokhin
13 September 2017

Good day, dear Family Party, like-minded people, friends!

On September 10, 2017, our candidate for deputy Kopenkina Marina Petrovna took part in the elections for the Saratov Regional Duma of the sixth convocation in the Volga single-mandate electoral district No. 1.

Members and supporters of the Family Party from Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Sverdlovsk, Orenburg, Penza, Yaroslavl, Moscow regions, from Bashkortostan and Chuvashia, the Stavropol Territory, and Sochi arrived in Saratov region to support Marina Kopenkina, as well as observers from Moscow, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, the Republic of Crimea, and other regions of Russia, as well as from Ukraine and Belarus. And, of course, there were activists from the Saratov region.

These elections united us all on the scale of Russia and the near abroad, strengthened our movement, and increasingly confirmed to us that Family Homesteads are the inevitable beautiful future of our country. And all the more, we all received tremendous experience in this election.

As a result of the election, Marina Kopenkina won the second place out of six, losing only to the candidate from United Russia, and outstripping candidates from the Communist Party, the LDPR, the Communist Party “Communists of Russia” and the Fair Russia.
Link to the voting results:

I would like to sincerely thank all those who supported our candidate in this election – the work done during these days has shown our enormous potential!

These elections are one of the first steps on the way of promoting the ideas of the Family Party, which, we are sure, will lead our people to a happy lifestyle in the Native land, return love to our families, mutual understanding, and revive the rich culture of our country!

Head of the Federal Coordination Council
Political party Family Party
Alexander Viktorovich Samokhin


Translated by Kemble Dawson Walker
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