Circle of Settlements – report by D. Orlov

Circle of Family Homestead settlements, Yaroslavl region, March 29 to April 1, 2018.

By Dmitri ORLOV

Hello dear friends of mine, close and distant neighbors, thank you for your trust in me personally, as well as to the other delegates from our settlements. Everyone understood the significance of the events that took place from March 29 to April 1 in Yaroslavl, which allowed representatives to participate in large numbers. It had been urgently needed to hold roundtables and seminars to train personnel, and to have the Extraordinary Congress of Родная партия. A situation has developed within our entire movement involving the increasing pressure of external forces, which seek to adversely affect the course of events.

I will try, as far as I can, to convey my impressions. I ask you in advance to take into account that this is my vision of the situation, and while it can significantly supplement the general picture of what is happening, it does not possess the fullness of the vision or information. I ask all of you to treat with understanding that we are all living people and we tend to have our own point of view, with which some agree, and some do not. In any case, the information that I will try to convey to you will allow us to form a holistic perception of the events around us.

People say: “Warned means armed”. And armed with knowledge and understanding, we will be able to effectively interact with each other, react quickly to situations, and make common decisions quickly. This is especially true now, when the situation requires all pro-active measures, because we are creators of the new world and we have a huge responsibility for the image of the future in which we want our children to live.

In the past, it was widely believed that all our problems could be best resolved if we reached the highest offices. In part, this is probably true. Following this logic, we carried out a number of decisive actions: we drafted an appeal addressed to the Governor and the Presidential Administration, we sent a copy to the public organization, the All-Russian People’s Front (ONF), led by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who initiated it in order to get feedback from the people.

The steps we took were partially correct. From the higher levels, the proposal was forwarded to subordinate ministries, which are frankly reluctant to make decisions, and often make the problem worse, as formal excerpts show. But in the ONF, a completely different situation can be observed. The deciding our question became a priority task set by the Head of the Government for the Representatives’ (MPs) working group.

During the video conference held on March 29, it became clear that 15 Deputies of the State Duma voted for the law, and 38 against. At the request of the deputies from Bashkortostan who brought the initiative, it was not rejected but instead provided an opportunity to finalise proposals relating to creators of Family Homesteads. So a final decision is not yet made. A key phrase was sent by representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation to the representatives of the Federal Coordinating Council of the Родная партия, the meaning of which approximately amounted to the following: “The Law will not be adopted until every one of them knows about Family Homesteads.”

In the report dedicated to the results of the video conference, the head of the Federal Coordinating Council of Родная партия, Aleksandr Viktorovich Samokhin, expressed his perplexity at what seemed to be an insulting phrase from a member of the Government of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, he said, it vividly illustrates the message that state officials intend to convey to supporters of the ideas in Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre’s books. We have huge creative work ahead of us to spread the image of the Family Homestead, and the profound meaning that fills the Ringing Cedars of Russia books.

At the same time, forces that oppose the positive transformation of our country are actively trying to hijack management of Родная партия leadership, outsiders wanting to join the party are being restricted, as Alexander Samokhin mentioned in his report. At the moment, there are fears that these structures will direct their efforts to join our ranks through regional party departments. In this regard, the Congress sounded a call to show special vigilance on the ground, and to develop measures for the adoption of new members, which exclude the penetration of extraneous influence into our ranks.

With regard to the general situation in the country, it was said that at the highest level, the situation is as a whole under control. It is quite obvious that under current conditions, forces that exert a destructive influence will be identified, as the President’s efforts have built an external barrier of defense. Now we are solving the task of establishing order within the state. And we have to take an active part in these processes, since there has been an effective build-up of tension in society, including by the actions of officials, who openly join the conflict. This is the general trend across the country, and has become particularly relevant on the eve of presidential elections. The main goal of destructive forces is to cause the mass discontent of citizens, and to form a no-confidence vote in the current government. Partially, they are succeeding, as can be judged by the state of affairs in Sverdlovsk, Vladimir, and many other areas.

During the video at the ONF conference with the working group of State Deputies, Samokhin Alexander Viktorovich voiced the current situation in settlements undergoing inspections, decisions on fines, and building regulations. The deputy group, acting on the instructions of the Head of the Government, worked in detail on an amendment of the “private household plot”, to which we objected that “private household plots” do not satisfy the interests of Family Homestead creators, since they prescribe a number of activities that are not acceptable to the idea described Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre’s books, in particular, the “private household plot” requires the cultivation of arable land, meat production, etc. This question remains open.

Overall, the information in the video at the ONF conference served as a serious motivator for all the forthcoming work of the Family Homestead settlement representative round tables. In the audience were: the chairman of the election commission of the Yaroslavl region, Zakharov Oleg Yurievich; one of the leading political technologists of Russia, Gaba Oleg Ivanovich; the author of scientific and methodical programs and trainings, Cheurin Gennady Semenovich; and public relations specialist, Taran Dmitry Vladimirovich. Each of these invited people immersed the room in an atmosphere of warmth and intellectual creativity.

During the round tables the following topics were discussed:

  1. Cooperation in FHSs;
  2. Education in FHSs;
  3. Continuity of FHSs;
  4. Entrepreneurship in Family Homesteads, the economy of the FHS;
  5. Mass media, formation of the information environment;
  6. Correct creation and development of Family Homestead settlements;
  7. The scientific community and the movement in support of Family Homesteads;
  8. International cooperation;
  9. “Return to Earth” and “Dome House Vegetarius” projects;
  10. Creation of settlements of Family Homesteads: image, team, land, zoning, general plan, biosphere planning of territories, draft, FHS architecture, “Biosphere dome” project.

Representatives of the Family Homestead settlements were encouraged to familiarize themselves with a wide range of areas related to the social, economic and cultural spheres. Attention was focused on holding meetings in the Veche principle, organising election campaigns, and observing the norms of legislation. A special place is given to the topic of the correct construction of the information space, countering fake news, and consolidating efforts in this area.

The culmination of all events was the holding of an Extraordinary Congress of Родная Партия. On the agenda were:

  1. Report of the Federal Coordinating Council of the political party Родная Партия;
  2. Report of the Central Control and Revision Commission of the political party Родная Партия;
  3. Adoption of changes and additions to the Charter of the political party Родная Партия;
  4. The issue of the creation of an editorial team composed of Samokhin A. and Ladygin A., who are entrusted to carry out editorial corrections and bring the articles of the charter into compliance with the requirements of the current legislation at the stage of state registration.

A telephone call from Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre made a particularly striking impression on the participants, during which he expressed his excitement and acute mental anguish connected with increasing administrative pressure against creators of Family Homestead settlements, situations where supporters the Family Homestead idea are being discredited. Vladimir Nikolayevich advocated decisive measures in confronting fake news and arbitrary official orders. The head of the Anastasia Foundation, Maya Vladimirovna Ladilova, proposed a number of constructive steps to overcome the current situation and came up with an initiative to actively participate in party work.

The congress was held in an emotionally intense and tense atmosphere. The desire of the organizers to comply with regulations and not go beyond the timeframe was heightened by the presence of outside observers, since many formalities had to be observed. These circumstances somewhat blurred the general impression. But we achieved the goal of the events in Yaroslavl: delegates from forty-three regions conducted productive work, and formed the current priorities. The total number of participants of the Circle of Settlements was more than 220 people, and the hall could hardly accommodate such a large number.

The sense of belonging to the brightest idea to transform the whole world has multiplied many times in the hearts of all participants in the meeting. I want to thank the organizers personally and from all the representatives of our settlements for a warm welcome and fruitful work. Until another meeting of Family Homestead creators!

Sincerely, Dmitry Orlov

First published on 6 April 2018 –
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