Conference on Family Homesteads, Moscow

Hello Family Partiers and like-minded people!

On February 20 in Moscow, I was lucky to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference on the “Scientific Foundations and Practical Realisation of the Idea of Family Homsesteads in Russia and in the World”, held at the Faculty of Economics at Lomonosov, Moscow State University.

More than twenty people presented interesting reports: professors, Academicians, scientists, organizers of settlements, producers of eco-houses from Russia, Canada, Poland, Ukraine and Belorus .The most respected speaker, at 90 years old, was a famous scientist, the academician Lemeshev Mikhail Yakovlevich. He voiced a very important thesis: “Cities of a million people are the destruction of the earthly civilization.”

In support of the MOVEMENT of Family Homesteads, Lemeshev developed a project to create and develop 50,000 settlements in Russia. In the USSR, the state allocated 27% of the budget to agriculture, now this figure is less than 1%. Lemeshev conducted a survey among graduate students: “If you create a fully-fledged living and working environment for life and work, would you like to move there to live and work?” 55% said yes.

The key words from his report: “The preservation of a unique earthly civilization is possible only through the reunification of the alliance between Man, Earth, Nature and Cosmos!”

Lemeshev was the main initiator of the ban on the river reversal projects in Russia, and told in detail what this progressive venture would have led to. He said: “You can not go against nature! The consequences will be terrible.”

We also heard reports from the director of the Anastasia Foundation, Maya Vladimirovna Ladilova, and the head of the federal coordinating council of the FAMILY PARTY, Alexander Samokhin. I had very strong impressions from these speakers’ reports, and I propose to organize a round table, because I’m ready to share more details

It was very important information to outline concrete steps by activists of each regional branch of the FAMILY PARTY. We need to use our opportunity to speak in the Legislative Assembly of the Regional Duma. Only by our pro-active actions, will we do our best for the happy life of our family lines, our HOMELAND and the Earthly Civilization.

I propose to schedule the time for the round table on March 1 at 4 pm at our Youth and Longevity Center at ul. Sovetskaya, 61, of. 18, 4th floor.

Whoever has another suggestion, please write.

Good luck and all the best on Earth!
Be good!

Marina Petrovna Kopenkina