Cedar House hosts scientists from Europe

By the Ringing Cedars Company

Last weekend was unusual for us. On 5 May, a large international delegation of scientists came to the Megre Cedar House. More than 50 people came to our taiga village to see how ancient technologies can exist within the modern high-tech world, how they can be restored, and how they fit into modern life.

From 2 to 5 May in Novosibirsk, there was an open conference on “Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development” as part of a European Union project held at the Agrarian University. The project brought together scientists from Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Kazakhstan and Hungary. Within the framework of this project, scientists are looking for unique ways to develop agricultural companies in modern conditions and are studying the successful experience of existing manufacturers. It was nice to learn that this kind of work is happening at the international level and to participate in it.

Megre’s taiga production has become one of the participating enterprises. A short but very rich program seems to have exploded ordinary European ideas about good production methods. Everyone was engaged by the program, that’s for sure. We presented ancient technologies, where the soul is important: hand-picked cones, finding the nuts by hand, hand-sewing machines … they watched every detail with surprise. Of course, we explained and showed how the cones are collected and stored.

Scientists from communities where everything has been done for a long time by machinery have long wondered and explored how this works. For us it was also a new experience to have them here… usually visitors to the Cedar House are those familiar with the books or on the cusp of an ecological life. Scientific interest is relatively new, appearing only in recent years. Of course, among Russian readers of the books, there are already scientists, but now the scientific interest is reaching a new level.

By the way, many foreign delegates were surprised to learn that the books of Vladimir Megre also exist in their countries and in their languages. Who knows, maybe we will meet more than once …

Ringing Cedars Company

First published in Russian on 11 May 2018