Russian Cabinet Ministers support the “Law on Family Homesteads”

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Draft decree on family homesteadsУказ_о_родовых_поместьях
Draft law on family homesteadsЗакон_о_родовых_поместьях
We express our gratitude to Andy Borisov for sending this draft law, the work of the Family Party.

On 2 April 2018, that the Cabinet Ministry supported the ONF initiative to allow citizens to build houses on their own agricultural land. Since then, the experts of the Popular Front (ONF) and representatives of federal authorities have discussed how to carry out the instructions of the Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev.

The measures give citizens the right to build houses on their own agricultural land, as well as granting a free hectare of land to anybody, without the right to sell, but with the right of inheritance. Participants of the meeting flagged possible risks in implementation, and discussed how to avoid them.

The Russian president, leader of the ONF, Vladimir Putin, in his message to the Federal Assembly, directed all responsible people towards the further development of agriculture and rural areas. The head of state noted “how important it is for a person, for each family to have his own house, his home”. 

Following the results of the ONF “Action Forum”, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, gave instructions to specialist agencies. They have been asked to propose amendments to the legislation, firstly, to provide for the possibility of erecting houses on agricultural land, and secondly, the possibility of a single, free allotment of land (no more than 1 hectare) for any activity not prohibited by law, without the right to sell, but with the right of inheritance (i.e. an extension similar to the “Far Eastern hectare” to the entire territory of the country, as proposed by the ONF).

First published by the Anastasia Foundation on 6 April 2018 –