A Samokhin talks about 2018 elections and draft Law

By Alexander SAMOKHIN, Chairman of the Родная партия Federal Coordinating Council

Good afternoon, members and supporters of Родная партия! In today’s video, I want to touch on the following issues: first, the organisation of participation of family homestead creators in an ONF round table on May 11, 2018. The second question is how to organize the participation of the Родная партия in the 2018 elections, in particular, in those elections that are already under way. In May, there will be additional elections in several regions. So, let’s begin.

First, we have to discuss the necessary changes that we have to make within the framework of existing laws. We must discuss the draft law that was prepared by the Government of the Russian Federation on the basis of our proposals at the final “Action Forum” held at the end of 2017. Third and most importantly, we must discuss the draft law “On Family Homesteads.” I suggest that everyone focuses on these three areas.

We need to prepare answers to the following questions:

First, what is a Family Homestead? Why exactly one hectare, not less than one hectare? Why exactly Family and why exactly Homestead?

Second, what factors hamper the development of existing family homestead settlements?

Third, the economy of family homestead settlements. How will we provide for ourselves? What successful projects are there already? Because at present is it precisely these issues that are front and center for the federal government authorities.

Fourth is why family homesteads and why not register them as “private household plots” or “peasant farming”? What issues do we have, as family homestead creators, when trying to legally register our land? What kind of relations develop with state and local authorities? Do they help or not? Are there any issues?

It will also be necessary to prepare a “social passport” for this event. What does that mean? It means how many families live permanently, and how many children there are in your settlement, what age, and also how many people are up to 45-50 years old.

Friends, as far as elections are concerned, preparations for participation in the September 2018 elections are already in full swing. More than 20 regions have already submitted an application to take part in these elections, including at the municipal level. Friends, I want to draw attention to one very important point. It is very important that in the next two or three weeks you prepare a list and a package of documents for the candidates who will take part in these elections and send them by e-mail to the Federal Coordinating Council in order for our lawyers to check the documents and give feedback, which must be corrected.

And now as for the criticism. Some people say that the congress in Yaroslavl went somehow wrong. Some people reproach us for not hearing the report of the Central Control and Revision Commission. I would draw everyone’s attention to the fact that we achieved all the goals. The observer from the electoral commission noted that everything was done correctly. As for the report by the Central Control and Revision Commission, everyone together made a decision for objective reasons to hear the report later. Didn’t we all decide this together?

We were also reproached for not responding to criticism of the party. That is, allegedly we aren’t reacting to slanderous information about Родная партия. It was at the initiative of the Federal Coordinating Council that the training of Родная партия bloggers began. Sometimes we do not react to the attacks of our opponents so as not to advertise them. As soon as we start a discussion on this slander, it will be the agenda of the day. In the information field, we still maintain victory, and in this case the main thing is not to be hysterical and not to hurry. Two regions have already demanded a refutation from publishers of slanderous information.

Friends, once again I want to appeal to everyone – to stop any attempts to split the party. Today, on the eve of legislative initiatives and elections, this is one of our main tasks.

Victory in the elections will be ours. Thank you for attention.


First published in Russian on 21 April 2018