In ancient times in Russia, the veche (вече) was conducted twice a year, at the spring and autumn equinox, or when there was urgent business to address. The elders (старейшины) from each village gathered together along with their helpers, not more than about five people from each village. There was no chief at this kind of meeting. At the veche, there is one main theme to be addressed. 

In ancient times, people remembered the knowledge of our primary sources and the pristine beginnings of our existence. With great skill, they found joy in this wise information, and lived by its principles.

The veche begins in the morning of the appointed day. Everyone already knows the reasons for the gathering, and the elders start by making their remarks and suggestions about the matter, in accordance with our ancestral knowledge.

The wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors and descendants is the root and foundation on which the veche rests. It is what joins us all together, in equilibrium with ourselves and the environment. Life and customs are handed down from generation to generation, and the world knows peace and abundance.

There are no savage disputes at the veche. By the third day, a single decision is always reached. This occurs even when the matter at hand is an unexpected or unusual problem.

People make quick decisions thanks to their understanding of the devices of the Earth, our souls, and the energy of creation. The people know where truth and falsehood lies. With keen minds and quick thoughts, they easily trace any situation from beginning to end, highlight the problem, and make clear how to resolve it correctly.

The decision of the veche is always the most correct. This fact is derived from each person’s connection and understanding of the ancestral wisdom. Everyone is equal. There is no centre of power. There are no disputes, debates or votes.

The people are in charge, and together we possess the truth. Living with the energy of love, and striving for the truth, people will always make the correct decision.

Friends, strive to know the truth! Love sincerely the nature surrounding you, knowing that without it, you would simply die. A single person contains only half of this truth. Between two, the energy of love reveals the most amazing things.

It helps to have a personal love for nature and all the energy that is in you. Take a deep breath. With this breath you will see and begin to understand with complete awareness what is happening around you.

Strive for the knowledge of our primary origins and the pristine source of the beginning of life. With this knowledge, correct movement may now occur.

Кон – The truth, created from the beginning. A censored ancient word.
Жить по кону – Living by the truth, having the means to possess true knowledge, to be in charge.
Жить по канонам – Living by our canon, having the means to act correctly in this or that situation.
Испокон веков – Since the dawn of time immemorial.

The modern word for “law” is закон. With the additional knowledge of our ancient vocabulary, we see that it means ‘away from the truth’ (за коном). Those who live according to modern laws live in the dark, they do not know what they do. This is what happens in the technocratic world. People live by laws which are actually away from the truth and our ancestral knowledge.

Source: Ilya Panin for the Call of the Eternal Family (Зов Рода)
Translated and adapted from Russian by Kemble Dawson Walker