Report on FHS “Ladaga” in AS Baikal TV news media

by Nikolai Bessonov

Childbirth at home, organic products, and energy from the sun. This is how people live in an unusual settlement near Angarsk. They take offense when they are called sectarians. After all, the inhabitants of “Family Homesteads” chose this life voluntarily and do not impose their philosophy on anyone. In this report, we tell why the settlers here consider themselves to be people of the future.

Alyosha is the smallest inhabitant of the “Ladoga” settlement of family homesteads. He is barely one month old. Nevertheless, the boy is a citizen of the village. He was born here, in his parents’ house. And he became the fourth child of his family. The Makarov family managed all the births on their own.

Elena Makarova, a resident of Ladoga family settlement: “The first was, of course, scary. Then, that literature … it’s the literature that you read. But I generally had a dream since childhood, when I was still a child, as they say, I went to kindergarten and I dreamed of giving birth at home. Because I heard so many nasty things about the maternity ward.”

George Makarov, a resident of Ladoga family settlement: “We read it in books: since the parents conceived all by themselves, then they should give birth all by themselves. There is nothing unnatural about this. I honestly admit, at first we even started calling an ambulance. But we got to Angarsk, because we were on our mobile. And when I began to explain where we are, they said to us, no, you have to call Usolsky, because you are in the Usolsky district.

In addition, there were difficulties with obtaining documents for the child. After the duration of pregnancy, the future mother did not even show up to the doctor. In the Ladoga settlement, most of the children were born at home. During some time, they managed to grow up.

“Now, do the children need to go to school?”

“They’re being trained at home.”

“At home, really? That’s better than at school?”

“Right. At school, bad things will be taught. I remember what school is. Here, there is only science. Arseny is also mastering a craft, he presses cedar oil now with me. In the autumn we traveled to the taiga and collected cones.”

This unusual settlement has been here for more than 10 years. And with every year, the number of inhabitants only grows. In particular, young families are coming. People deliberately try to settle far away from civilization and its drawbacks: noise, vanity and bad ecology. But this does not mean that the inhabitants of Ladoga are completely isolated from the world. Simply, they have other values ​​- both moral and material. The main thing is to establish your family on your land. And to instill in children love for the family, for nature and for the homeland. The idea finds a resonance in the hearts of not only fellow countrymen.

Anastasia Ogneva, another resident of the Ladoga settlement: “I get really crowds of people coming to us, seriously, from all over the country, from all over the world, because our family, specifically our family, receives a lot of tourists. Last year in October, a German man came to us for three days, and he stayed for five weeks, because he said, ‘I have never seen anything like this, this is a kind of spiritual communication.'”

Some of the inhabitants of Ladoga work in Angarsk and Irkutsk, and some do crafts or farming at home. They try not to intrude into nature. Therefore they use electricity from solar panels or wind generators, and water from wells. Their gardening style is also very wise.

This spring in Ladoga, two more families were added. Now the population total is already in the tens and hundreds. They do not call themselves recluses or “Old Believers”, but, on the contrary, people of the future. And they hope that sooner or later, their example will be followed by others.

Source: AS Baikal TV