Anastasia’s predictions

Vladimir Megre: I spent three days in the taiga, as a result I wrote nine books. The release of the books themselves, people’s reaction to them, and changes to the world situation, she … predicted with absolute precision, right up to the presidential decrees. Until now, scientists have been arguing about who Anastasia is, putting forward all sorts of versions.

Many scientists believe that she has made the most important discovery of all — more significant than the creation of the atomic bomb, construction of spacecraft, or huge particle colliders. This greatest discovery, which affects society, is precisely that which produces all these technocratic things among which we live. This discovery is grounded in the fact that people actually begin to change their lifestyle.

In the near future, on Earth, there will be tremendous changes:

  • the disarmament race will begin
  • divorces will be very, very rare
  • children will be born with a completely different worldview to our own
  • the entire planet will begin to turn into an extraordinarily beautiful blooming oasis
  • people will begin to explore not just space, but also other planets, and build on them the same beautiful gardens that will be in Russia, and in all countries, in Europe and America.

In Russia, in a country whose small and large villages had been disappearing from the map each year, all of a sudden, the readers of the books that came into contact with Anastasia’s words have already created 230 settlements consisting of family estates. This is the main idea that readers took from Anastasia: creating family homesteads. The family homestead is where a person changes themselves, where a person treats the earth differently, their beloved, their child, where they prolong their life.

This happens in all countries where the extraordinary statements of Anastasia appear.



Original video by RA TV (inRussian)


Note: “family estate” = “family homestead” = Родовое поместье