Putin supports extending the “Far Eastern hectare” to the whole country

MOSCOW, June 15, 2017: Russian President Vladimir Putin said the idea of ​​extending the “Far Eastern hectare” program to the whole country was correct, but noted first that it is necessary to work it out in the Far East.

“There is enough land in Russia, considering only farmland not used for its intended purpose, there are over 43 million hectares. These are huge, just huge land reserves,” Putin said directly.

At the same time, he stressed that it is necessary to work everything out about the “Far Eastern hectare”.

“We need to deal with the cadastral registration, but in general, I think that the person who asks this question is correct. We need to put this land into circulation, and to do it of course very carefully so that a secondary market of this hectare does not appear,” said the head of state.

“It is necessary to conclude all these issues first with the Vladivostok hectare program, but the idea is correct,” Putin added.

Under the “Far Eastern Hectare” program, every Russian can get a vacant plot of land in the Far East for free. Within the first year, it is necessary to determine its type of use, and in three years, to formally declare the development. After five years, the land can be obtained in ownership or a long lease. The program began to operate from June 1, 2016, during this time, about 93,000 applications were received, almost 20,000 sites have already been transferred for use.